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We already have added how to install mac os and some more useful information about apple mac OS X updates in our recent posts.Now Recently, Apple released the new OS X Lion for Mac computers. The new software is yet another example of how Mac has evolved as a company, and how the world as evolved in technology. The new operating system has many great new features. Below are the highlights and best features of OS X Lion:
  • Multi-Touch Gestures: Mac finally figured out touch gestures on this OS (Operating System). Now, if you scroll up, the page goes down and vise versa. A lot of Mac users have wondered why Apple took so long to add this feature, but we’re glad it’s here. Also, now you can get a bird’s eye few of all the apps with a simple swipe. From there you can swipe between apps with a simple touch. Zooming has also been made easier by just touching it. 
  • Mac App Store: This is a huge feature. Now, Apple has created an app store for your Mac, where you can get all your apps very easy and fast. Instead of using discs and long installations from the internet,  you can just get it right on your computer.  The app store is almost exactly the same as the app store on your iPhone, and it receives automatic updates often.
  • Full Screen Apps: This is a fun and great new feature. Now, Lion lets you take an app and make it span the full screen. You can still easily browse through your apps with one swipe, but now you can focus on just one app at a time, avoiding potential distractions and helping you focus.
  • Launchpad: This is one of our favorite features. Launchpad lives on your doc on your computer. It is where all your apps are stored, so everything will be kept organized. To use it, click launchpad, and it will bring all your apps up on your screen. From there, you can organize everything with folders, with the ability to delete, and move everything around. This makes finding things a lot easier.

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