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Alexa is an internet statistics company, a subsidiary of Amazon. Alexa Rank is one of the parameters that determine a website’s popularity. Lower your Alexa rank, more is your site’s value. Alexa Rank is determined based on your recent traffic and the aggregate traffic over the past three months.
It works on a complex algorithm. But if you do a few things, your Alexa rank will increase for sure. Advertisers approach your site only if you have a good Alexa rank. Visitors would trust a site with a higher Alexa rank.
Below are some tips, that would help you increase your Alexa Rank.
#1 Alexa Toolbar Alexa toolbar or extensions are available for Chrome, Firefox and IE. It is an important source of data for Alexa. Install this extension and keep your site as the home page. Do the same in multiple computers of your friends and relatives. Download Alexa toolbar from here.
#2 Use Alexa Widget Alexa Widgets can be embedded in your sites, which will display your current Alexa rank. Though it is not certain that this trick would help increase your Alexa rank, it is worth a try. Build your widget here.
#3 Write about Alexa Writing about Alexa will generally bring you more traffic. Write about Alexa in a regular interval of time.
#4 Consistent Posting If you write once in a while and expect your Alexa rank to increase drastically, then sorry you are daydreaming. Alexa likes consistency and your Alexa rank would increase gradually if you post regularly.
#5 Claim and Update your Blog info at Alexa You shoulf claim your blog at Alexa. you can do it by uploading a text file or using a meta tag code. Then update your site’s info at Alexa using the self service tools available.

#6 Content is King Writing good content is as important as writing often. If you write quality stuff in your site, you’ll definitely get more visitors and eventually a higher Alexa rank. Instead of writing a lot of less info posts, write a post that is loaded with information.
#7 Reviews and Ratings People can rate and review your blog at Alexa. A few say that a positive review would help you increase your Alexa rank. You can write one for us here.
#8 Comment in Forums Search for webmaster forums in Google and participate in the forums. Many forums let you display your site’s name in your signature. So, there are chances that many people visit your site, if you are really useful to that community
#9 Comment on sites Comment on do follow sites with commentluv enabled. You’ll get backlinks and therefore more traffic and a higher Alexa rank. tipsglobe is do follow.
#10 Search engines and Directories Submit your site to search engines and website directories. You’ll get a lot of traffic from them.
Alexa rank may not be accurately describe your popularity but it is a popular parameter, so it is better you work for it and try to increase it. Hope these tips helped.
If you have got any more tips, share it with us through the comments !

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