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I never used drugs,never smoked,besides a lot people offer those to me ,dont you never think because yours all friends smoke you have to do the same be smart and stay away . Scary statistics: Smoking causes severe disruption of health resulting from inhalation of substances during the act of smoking. We e here talking about an addiction that keeps 32 million Brazilians dependent, physically and psychically, from a substance called nicotine. Worldwide, 1.2 billion people are dependent on nicotine, nearly 20 of the earthlings. The entry of new consumers justified the campaigns so beautiful and so immense silence of conscience, even of most government officials responsible for population health. Most of the revenue on tobacco is intended for governments in the form of taxes.

Public health problem: Smoking is considered the largest public health problem in the modern world. He was elected by the World Health Organization WHO as a priority for the twenty-first century. The WHO says that smoking killed 100 million people in the twentieth century. What is terrifying is the prospect that in twenty-first century, it is estimated that this number will reach 1 billion people! Remember that smokers who are entering in tobacco smokers are different from the early twentieth century. Information about the dangers of smoking did not exist a hundred years. However, currently, we see real teens joining the legions of slavery of tobacco as if they were blind and deaf to the warning signs. Not to follow a path that kills one in two users, you may need, in addition to good information, a huge dose of self-esteem and an enormous capacity to dream. The illusions can be a powerful weapon for the defense of the pitfalls that are lurking, created by greed and a ruthless lack of perception of beauty and value of life.

We know that the author will appreciate if you would click so that he can receive some money for his article. Irreparable damage: Cigarette smoking causes irreparable damage to the body of the smoker and those who live around them. Consider the body organs that are affected by smoking: Head: nicotine is an addictive drug, I mean you can not live without it. This makes it difficult to leave the smoking habit. Beam: Cigarette smoke contains over 4700 chemicals, of which 60 are carcinogenic. Part of the smoke is absorbed by the oral mucosa. The nicotine is inhaled and absorbed by the lung, where it passes into the bloodstream. Eyes and Nose: The cigarette has a volatile toxic substances that cause irritation to the eyes and nose of active and passive smoking. Lung: Part of the tar remains in the lung, forming a crust that hinders the absorption of oxygen and cause coughing. 90 of lung cancers are caused by smoking. Cigarette smoking also causes bronchitis, coughing, difficulty breathing ... Gastrointestinal: smoking increases the risk of stomach ulcer and duodenum. Smoking harms the ulcer healing and increases the disease complications, like bleeding. Heart: Smokers are twice as likely to die from heart disease. Bloodstream: In the blood, nicotine and tar are spread throughout the body until it reaches the brain. About 30 of all cancers are linked to smoking. Uterus: Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage, stillbirths and doubles the chances of the baby being born underweight. The babys breathing cigarette smoke are twice as likely to have pneumonia and bronchitis. Non Smoking: Smoking is harmful for non-smokers. Already enshrined the term passive smoking. This is the person who aspires, without smoking, the many harmful substances present in cigarette smoke. There is no doubt that health and life are opposite to smoke. But quitting is a sacrifice so great that most smokers can not do it. Health, the pocket, the love of neighbor are some reasons for not smoking.

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