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I guess I never talked about the end of the world. And its always good to talk at the end of the world because who would not want to die at the same time as everyone else? I, speaking for myself, I would like to see all the people on the planet to die and I laugh at myself and say a sentence like: ... Muaahhhh. And behold, I am the emperor of the world. ... There a cramp in my foot! Of course, this phrase has yet to be studied very well. But consider the history of premonitions of disaster and the idiots who thought they were able to predict when all this busting:

One such person was Nostradamus who said a date of abstract phrases that are impossible to connect to whatever it is: When the warrior of the white horse becomes lord - for example, is a phrase of his prophecies may be that both refer to Napoleon, Alexander the Great, or any of the many guards on horseback GNR! By the year 2000 there were more predictions than any other time in history, with the turn of the millennium: - That of the planet would implode - The plague of giant - That of a giant condom ...

We know that the author will appreciate if you would click so that he can receive some money for his article. - The deadliest of a computer virus that would cause central nuclears explode - That of a meteorite that burst with all of us as happened to the dinosaurs Anyway, a lot! Well, most recently heard talking about the year 2012, the apocalyptic to the Maya. Of course, then there are idiots, being even more stupid than those who prophesied, spreading horror and panic. We all die a thunderous cataclysm? We can, but I doubt they have any kind of warning to 500 years or more in advance. But for what I brought this issue to the fore? Oh yeah to make fun of it! I decided to make a very short list with the percentage of catastrophic destruction of preference: - 30 Meterorito - Volcanic Explosions 5 - Acid rain 10 severe - Prague centipedes poisonous pincers of 11 - Nuclear Blast 4 - Mutant zombies killers 5 - Heart attacks in 10 mass - Kidney Stones generalized 20 And then even if we had mere minutes warning, what do we do? Oh my god a giant meteorite! Let me finish washing the dishes! And that is how it spends computer paper - with these bullshits. Oh my god a meteorite computer!

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