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I’m skeptical when I first heard of the online program called Swag Bucks. The program claims to pay people for searching online. This just sound too good to be true. So, I took some time to research about SwagBucks and found that this program has been popular for some time.
A lot of bloggers have talked about SwagBucks and also there are opened threads discussing about it in the forums. Many gave positive opinions on SwagBucks and a number of people reported that they’ve got paid by the program. So, it is safe to say that Swag Bucks is a program that really pays.
SwagBucks works simple. You just need to visit the site to start a free account and then you can download and install the toolbar of SwagBucks to start searching online. When you use the toolbar to search something online, you’ll earn points called Swag bucks. The more you search, the more Swag Bucks you’ll earn. Once you have accumulated enough Swag Bucks, you can use your Swag Bucks to redeem prizes or products in Swag Store. There is a list of prizes in Swag Store that you can redeem; some of the cool prizes are Amazon gift cards, iPods, TVs, Cash via PayPal and many more.
Besides searching by using the SwagBucks Toolbar, there are also other things you can do to earn more points:
Opening your browser
Every day, when you open your browser, you’ll earn 1 point. Just make sure your browser is installed with the SwagBucks toolbar and you stay logged in to your account. The browsers that you can choose to install SwagBuck toolbar are Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.
Signing up special offers
Participate in the special offers of Swag Bucks is a good way to get a lot of points quickly. There are interesting offers like joining Netflix, opening up a GoDaddy account with spending of at least $5 and many more paid offers that you can sign up to earn decent points. There are also ‘No Obligation Special Offers’ (NOSO) that you can do daily. Doing the no obligation offers will not require you to buy anything or subscribe for anything.
Trading in
SwagBucks also has a ‘Trade-in Program’ that you can take advantage on. If you own any old electronics like MP3 Players, cell phones and video games & consoles, why not trade in with SwagBucks and earn additional points. While the points you’ll earn wouldn’t be a lot but it is better than throwing your old electronic stuff into trash.
Completing surveys
You can find online surveys that you can participate in SwagBucks. It is easy to complete surveys but you’ll need to spend some time. The points you can earn from taking survey isn’t bad.
Referring others to join SwagBucks
SwagBucks provides website banner and referral links that you can use to promote SwagBucks. If you have a lot of Facebook friends, you may recommend this program to them. Just make sure you use your referral link. You’ll get exactly the amount of points that your referrals earn. For instance, if your referral use SwagBucks and earn 100 points, you’ll get 100 points as well.
The bottom line
SwagBucks isn’t a program that you can make great deal of money from but it is beneficial to use the various services of the Swag Bucks since you can get some cool prizes out of it. However, the Swag Bucks’ earning opportunities are eligible to US, Canada and UK residents only. So if you aren’t in these 3 countries, you can skip this program.

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