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Solar Mobile Phone Charger

Today many new products and appliances being developed by leading experts are made in a manner that is eco and environmentally friendly and through the use of such green products a large amount of energy is being conserved. One device that people all over the world have begun using to help save energy is a solar mobile phone charger. A solar mobile phone charger uses the suns solar energy by converting it into energy, which is then used to power mobile phones. The clever part is that a charger is able to convert the suns energy through the use of a small solar panel that is installed within the solar mobile phone charger itself.

The Freeloader Solar Charger is Both Stylish and Functional

freeloader solar charger The sleek and stylish Freeloader solar charger is one of the most stylish and functional chargers around, and it’s dinky little size makes it ideal for use on the move without compromising on power or features.

PowerMonkey Explorer Portable Solar Charger

powermonkey explorer image The PowerMonkey eXplorer is one of the most versatile and well designed solar chargers we’ve come across, especially for those who travel often and need a reliable source of energy in reserve.

The Wonders of Having a Solar Powered Mobile Phone Charger

Solar Powered Mobile Phone Charger With one of these solar powered mobile phone chargers you will never be caught short again, capable of both topping up your battery levels as well as acting as a backup battery in an emergency they offer great value for money and help you do your part for the environment.

Solar Chargers for Mobile Phones

Solar Chargers for Mobile Phones Keep your mobile phone topped up and in peak operating condition with one of our solar chargers for mobile phones, which are great for the modern person on the move or those bit by the travel bug. With a backup battery you can be charged and get back to texting with the minimum of fuss whether camping, travelling or just for every day use.
The solar mobile phone charger was created to both save electrical energy but also to do so in a green way. The solar panels that are found on solar mobile phone charger consist of an array of solar cells that convert the solar energy obtained from the sun into energy; the process occurs through primarily through the photovoltaic effect.
With so many people using mobile phones these days it only makes sense that a solar mobile phone charger is saving large amounts of energy when it comes to charging mobile devices not to mention that people also enjoy using a solar mobile phone charger because they can use it while traveling without having to rely on electrical sockets.
There is a large portion of people who are not aware that these types of mobile phone charges even exist. However, the use of such chargers is increasing because they are so lightweight and easily portable, not to mention simple to use. The chargers are able to store up enough solar powered energy that can be used for several days. This means that a person can use a solar mobile phone charger even at night time. In fact, if a solar charger is not used it can still save its stored up solar power for up to year.
A solar mobile phone charger is available in many different designs, and when a person purchases this type of charger they should always calculate how much power they will need to charge their mobile phone; this allows them to purchase one that meets their needs. However, with that said most, if not all solar chargers we have on this page will provide more than enough power to be able to charge any standard make and model of mobile phone. Most solar mobile phone chargers come with a kit that includes the solar panel and any necessary wiring that is used to convert the suns energy into electrical energy that is used to power your phone.

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