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Solar Laptop Charger

The constant miniaturisation of electronics has put the power of high end computing into the pockets of consumers world wide. New battery technologies have extended the use of these devices, but there remains the need to be tethered to a wall outlet to recharge said batteries. This hurdle has continued to limit the mobility of all electronics. The means to completely break free of this limitation may one day appear on the technological horizon, but in the mean time, existing technology can offer options. One solution to this problem is the solar laptop charger which offers you not only a simple and cheap means to recharge your laptop batteries but also a backup source of power should it be needed in a hurry!

The solar laptop charger comes in many shapes, sizes and price ranges. What they all share in common is a degree of freedom. With a solar laptop charger, as long as there is light, there is power. The power output of small solar power units are not yet up to fully running a laptop, but the added power can certainly recharge batteries when the unit is off and extend running time while in use. Larger, more expensive units can potentially generate enough to keep a laptop up and running making a solar laptop charger ideal for computer users on the move.
How useful a specific charger is as a battery extension tool is a function of how many watts it can output with bigger solar units typically having the potential to produce more watts of power. For this reason, a solar laptop charger often folds or rolls, going from a very compact package into a large surface area to collect a lot of sunlight with other configurations making use of being a double duty package. Solar collectors built into laptop cases or backpacks make efficient use of surface area that is already available on common items to give consumers a more subtle power option without the need for extra space for such solar panels.
Portability is not the only reason to buy a solar laptop charger however, as the energy savings translate directly into monetary savings. With prices that run anywhere from £30 to more than £400, it may take a little time to recover the initial investment, but it will pay off in the end. This green solution is a good way to leverage a renewable resource and help to improve the environment for both ourselves and our future children.
A solar laptop charger will save on the electric bill and save on the time spent waiting for the battery to charge. This means less time away from work and more time being productive. It's also a nice way to wean a digital lifestyle away from fossil fuel dependent power grids. Completely solar powered laptops are just now beginning to insert themselves in niches for low end laptops, but in the foreseeable future, a solar laptop charger is the best bet.

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