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There are so many methods by which you can increase traffic to your website. There is not one single method which could be regarded as the best method and the most promising one. Another way of explaining is that only single method would not guarantee any success in increased website traffic. You will have to use different methods together for achieving optimum results. Social bookmarking is a technique which can hardly be ignored for increased traffic to your website. Do not expect any kind of positive results if you have failed to use this technique.
It is important to mention here that blogging is the technique which many experts believe, yield quick results. On the other hand, it is also important to mention that blogging alone could be quite ineffective. This is where social bookmarking comes into play. You must regularly share your blog posts and other stuff in social networking websites.
Making such submissions should be done on daily basis. It should be part of your daily business routine. It is due the fact that many people use websites as their major and authentic source of information. Digg is a very popular website as many people have been able to get steady stream of quality visitors from this social news website. Similarly, LinkedIn could also be used for increased website traffic. You could also do this on StumbleUpon which is also a similar website to the ones mentioned earlier. The fact that people have been able to get lots of quality visitors from this website is because of the large amounts of visits. The figure is literally in millions. Imagine how much these websites are of significance for increased traffic to your website. People usually visit these websites to share their own information or content which they deem interesting. In the same manner, they also read stuff shared by others. If the content which you are sharing comes under the 'favorite' section, your website would go up in the rankings which would generate large stream of traffic. Top rankings mean a much larger audience. This further means more traffic. Mostly, these websites work on this principle.
In addition to that, you could also do social marketing. This is one of the techniques used for getting a good rank in Google and it also helps with the visibility of your blog. Here, you have to be very careful with the keywords you use. They have to be relevant with your business. It is also important to mention that you should not be redundant in your blog posts when it comes to social bookmarking for increased traffic to your website. It would not be a good idea to share or post on every such website. It can have the opposite effect. Consider these few things in mind when you are looking for increased website traffic. It is not so difficult after all. Read other strategies as well.

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