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The Significance of Shabe Baraat

This night is called  Shabe-Baraat ( the night of freedom ) because Allah frees all His sinful servants who were destined for Jahannam.

The Quraan has called it a blessed night.

Nabi has said in a Hadith regarding this month. "Shabaan is my month and Ramadhaan is the  month of Allah ."

This month is an introduction to Ramadhaan, like Shawwal hail the end of Ramadhaan.

Allah Ta'ala 's  mercy decends during this night

During this night, beginning at sunset Allah Ta'ala 's special attention descends upon the first sky. He proclaims


        "Is there anyone seeking forgiveness, that I may pardon him?

        Is there anyone requesting sustenance that I may provide for him?

        Is there anyone afflicted with difficulty (so that he may ask for assistance) that I may help him?

        Is there anyone with any other need?


Allah Ta'ala showers His mercy the entire night up until Subah Saadiq (early morning - dawn).

Nabi was so mindful of Sha'baan that he did not give the sighting of the moon of any other

 month such thought.

It is also a speciality of this month, that all deeds done during the year shall be presented before Allah Ta'ala in this month.

Nabi stated that the month of Sha'baan which is between Rajab and Ramadhaan, is such a month that the people are negligent of its blessedness. It is during this month that the actions of the servants are presented before Allah Ta'ala .Therefore Nabi loved that his deeds be presented while he was fasting.

During the 15th of Sha'baan Allah Ta'ala shows special attention to all His servants, he pardons those who seek forgiveness and He showers mercy on those who show mercy to others as for those who grudge and have enmity for others, Allah Ta'ala leaves them that very same condition.

It is mentioned by Nabi   that the remainder of a person's life in the coming year and his sustenance and whoever shall be afforded the opportunity to perform Hajj (Pilgrimage) shall be written on this night.

During this night, the names of the souls of all those who are born and of all those who are to depart from this world. Furthermore during this night one's actions are raised and sustenance sent down.

Nabi   has prohibited one from fasting after the 15th of Sha'abaan. This prohibition does not cause the fast to become Haraam. The reason for prohibiting fasting after the 15th of Sha'baan is for one to gain strength for Ramadhaan.

It has been proven, from authentic sources, that the noble Sahaba and the Taabi'een used to remain awake during the entire night and practice upon the Sunnat Aamals. Our noble predecessors also used to honor this night and prepare for well in advance.

Committing sins during this night deprives a person of its blessings.

As the reward of a virtue increases respective to the time and place, so does the degree of sin. When during a significant time any amal is more virtuous so does the the evil and sin committed in that time be more abhorred. The law of place and time falls under the same category, e.g.. one may commit the same wrong in the Musjid and the degree of that sin shall increase. In the same manner this night is so blessed that committing a sin during this night shall be more severe.

Sunnat and Mustahab actions during the 15th of Sha'baan.

One should stay awake and perform Salaah, keep oneself busy with Zikr, recitation of the Holy Quraan and other worship. Do also recite the Masnoon Du'a of this night excessively. ( Dua on item no. 7 ).

To ask Allah Ta'ala   for forgiveness, health, happiness and all our needs for this world and the Hereafter.

To busy onself with Ibaadat (worship) during the entire night of Shabe Baraat.

It is Mustahab (preferable) to fast on the 15th of Sha'baan. Our predecessors did so too.

one should visit the Qabarastaan (graveyard) and make Du'a and seek forgiveness on behalf of the deceased.

It is stated in a Hadeeth that Nabi   said "One who performs Esha salaat with Jamaat and Fajr Salaah with Jamaat, Allah Ta'ala will grant him the reward of staying the night." There are glad tidings for the weak and those engaged in business, that if they are not able to stay awake the entire night, they should try to remain awake as much as possible and to perform Fajr and Esha Salaatwith Jamaat, so that they may not be completely deprived of the blessings of this night.

Hazrat Ayesh Sidiqaha Radiallhu Anha say, " I heard Nabi   reciting the following Du'a whilst prostating in Nafl Salaah:"

I seek protection in Your forgiveness from Your Wrath, and seek shelter in Your pleasure from Your displeasure, and I seek safety with You from You, I cannot praise You as You are deserving and You are worthy of praise as You have praised Yourself.

Nabi   repeated this dua continuously in Sajdah. This Du'a was taught to the Ummat by our beloved Nabi   .

The following sins are so severe that due to them one would be deprived of the blessings of this great night:

To associate any partners to Allah Ta'ala , regarding His Being and Qualities.

To have enmity for one's fellow brothers.

Not fulfilling the rights of our close relatives and treating them unkindly.

To allow the trousers and pants to hang below the ankles.

To be disobedient to the parents.

To drink wine.

To oppress and take bribes

To be involved in witchcraft.

To inform people of the unseen or to cast spells and be involved in fortune telling.

To read the palms in order to tell the future.

To play the guitar, drum or any other musical instrument.

To play any game that requires the use of dice.

After writing the virtues and blessings of this month, regretfully, we will have to include that due to the evil nature of our actions, we have converted all our actions to punishment and our blessings into worldly and hereafter losses. The Muslims were once those who used to draw som good from bad, some virtues from stating away from evil and benefit benefit from troubles we encounter today.As a consequence of the evil nature of our actions, the table have turned and we have lost out in all places of good and achieve loss in all places of benefit. May Allah Ta'ala grant all the Muslims the ability to practice good deeds and follow the Sunnah of our beloved Nabi .

And Allah Ta'ala is the only one who grants us the ability and divine assistance.

Our Saintly elders used to worship on the night of Shabe Baraat and fast the next day.

Who are we to find fault with these noble practices ?

Oh ALLAH we humbly beg of You, Your Forgiveness for any of our shortcomings and we beg of You, Your Divine Help and assistance, Aameen.

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