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Facebook is continuously being targeted by spammers and many innocent ones fall for it. We have found another application currently active on Facebook which reads “Shocking Video: Teacher Nearly Kills School Child!”. You can find it on your friend’s status with the message “This video is sick!”. Actually there’s no video and clicking on this will finally take you to a site “” which claims to be a site allowing you to earn from your website. Here’s how the wall post looks:
Teacher nearly kills child - spam

New version of this scam are currently active on Facebook with messages like:
1) I am shocked!!! The teacher nearly killed this boy. Video here: hxxp:// – Worldwide scandal!
2) I am shocked!!! The teacher nearly killed this boy: – Worldwide scandal!”

How this application runs:
1) The wall post reads:
[Name] has just watched a shocking video of a teacher beating a student!
Brutal Attack On A Student By Their Own Teacher!
The application name shown is vx99.
2) When you click on the wall post, you will be taken to the application
3) There you will see an image looking like a video. A box appear above it which reads
Are you a website owner from Nepal (or any other country) that would like to earn more money with your website’s traffic? Try out and so on…
4) The message appears there for 50 seconds and even though you click “No thanks”, you will be taken back to the application.
5) When you click on ‘Get Started now’, you will be taken to where you need to sign up for earning from your site (which of course is fake)
6)In this process, the wall post gets posted to your wall automatically.
Inside the app
First page which appears when you click the wall post.
Final page
You will be taken to a site when you click get started now
So, please ignore this application and if you have clicked it, remove it from your account settings. Facebook will certainly remove this app in few days. Please report this app if you don’t want others to fall for it. In future please ignore this type of apps.

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