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This is not scam of Facebook itself. It is outside scam that claims to revolve the image (and it does) of any Facebook page.
This is a type of trick which tricks Facebook user to make the images revolve ,but it is behind the seen that it generates large number of wall post. It can also be considered as Facebook hack.
How does it runs?
In the first step it takes you to the page as below.

If you copy it to your facebook page then the images starts rotating and after some time it will autometically stops. Then in the news feed you will view about 20 new wallposts that you posted on your friend wall. This is the trick. So that it can generate so many page views.
There is only way to stop it. It is by not opeaning such type of links and if you unknowingly opens the page you should not paste the script on your Facebook page.
some of the links are:
<note: dont click any above link to be safe>

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