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If you've ever camped beside someone who runs a noisy, smelly power plant or tried to play music over a hollering generator, you'll appreciate solar power's attributes.
There are numerous sources for solar power that are super portable, quiet and green. There are tons of great solutions for powering everything from a cell phone to a building site.
Job sites, music venues, military tactics, medical tents, boating, rving or simply recharging a laptop, there's a portable solar generator that's suitable for the job.

How Much Portable Solar Power do You Need?

Backpackers have access to emergency communications, sailors power navigational equipment, building contractors in remote locations run tools and electronics and ceos & moms on-the-go co-ordinate their empires... all using solar power.
The number of watts of power you need to generate will determine just how portable your solar system can be. The onset of rollable and foldable solar panels has ushered in a whole new dimension to solar on the go. Cyclists and hikers can power essential communication and navigation devices with pocket sized chargers that add little weight to their pack.
Building a home in the boonies? There are portable solar energy units capable of outputting well over 10,000 watts.
Utility trailers of various sizes are outfitted with all of the components necessary in a solar power system (panels, batteries, inverter, charge controller) and can be easily wheeled to almost any location. Trailerable solar power systems can make ample power for the most ambitious projects and can be sized to power anything from a job site to an outdoor concert. The possibilities are endless and because portable solar technologies are relatively young, new ideas and more efficient products are constantly entering the market.

Portability Adds Another Advantage

While a permanent residential array is usually established at 1 specific angle or sometimes 2 (one for summer, one for winter) portable panels can be placed in (or moved to) the sunniest location at the most ideal angle at any given time, increasing the system's overall power producing capability.

Portable Solar Power for Small Areas
For cramped, high traffic areas (like sailboats) choose panels with covered corners like the ICP Sunsei SE8000 Solar 130W Generator. They work the same as any solar panel but the sharp corners have a rounded plastic covering. When you have to move around your panels the corners protect your clothing (and skin) from scratches and tears.

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