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This article is regarding to Pastor Terry Jones Florida burning Quraan.Pastor Terry Jones Florida couldn't explain anything expect saying burn Quraan and safe only America. No difference between Pastor Terry Jones and Osama Bin Laden because both are creating violation in terms of religion.I am a Muslim and i proudly say that and i do not think that others are my enemy and in our country i know at least 1000 Muslim brothers whom i personally talked do not accept these as we all have read in Quran that you follow your religion and let others follow their religion you can't force or you can not say anything about their religion and but yes you can invite people to join Islam in a well manner. We Muslim's do believe in Bible as well as in Quraan it is written that if we want to believe in Allah the Almighty we have to believe in the books ALLAH send for us Quran Towrat Engil (Bible) as all the books was send by Allah by messengers. First of all i would like to ask MR.Pastor Terry Jones to show in Quraan where it is written that to act terrorism now if he don't know anything about Quraan how he can say because of Quraan Muslims are acting terrorism. Ok so lets talk about American terrorist, rubber and other murders i mean the criminals who kills for money etc etc what about them they are not Muslim they are not following Quraan so how they are acting terrorism they have read bible as well they are Christians then why they are acting terrorism. Can he confirm that there is not terrorist in the world who is a Christians. We all believe in GOOD and BAD some people are good and some are bad it what matter which religion you follow. On the other hand lets talk about 9/11 just because of few Muslims you can not say that all Muslims are terrorist and Quraan is guiding us to do that. If it was true then why nothing happened before that. Ok lets go to the past Hittlar i guess we all know about world war 2 he was a Christain so why did he use to burn American's and others also japan they are not muslim why they act war so do you think that all of them read Quraan and they started war. So basically you are saying it is war so it is not they are not terrorist. I would like to tell Pastor Terry Jones please read the Quraan and understand it read Hadit and what our prophet (S:) said about Islam and its rules and Islam means peace.Another point of view is when Quraan has been recieved 1000's years on that time America wasn't even invented then how come Quraan said to the terrorist go and attack America.Pastor Terry Jones even didn't say that he want to save the World all the Christians we just wanted to create a war just like Hitlar.That he wants to save America and want to burn Quraan even didn't think what will going to happen in the world in other countries to the other Christians. even to the U.S persons who is living outside of U.S. He denied and didn't accept that just because of him many United Nation solders died.I have watched all his speeches over CNN and other News channel and he never said anything about peace he just wanted to create a war between Muslims and Christians. Now go and find in where in Quraan it is written that go and attack America or even in any Hadit. I would like to say to all my Christains and Muslim brothers live together in peace do not follow any act by persons who want to create violent please follow your Holly book Bible and Quran believe in Allah and Messengers.

I would like to say one more part "Pastor Terry Jones React violent and burn Quran , some Muslims also react on it and get violent why i didn't or even my family or even the person I know we also read Quraan we also follow Hadit and Islamic rules."

We like to make it clear that Islam and Muslims are not terrorist or we do not like war and acting terrorism. Do not justify us just because of 23 person who act terrorism on 9/11 incident.Go and ask every single Muslim about the incident and 99% Muslims will going to say we do not accept it we do not allow it and it is not allowed by Islam. We love all our borthers Muslim and Non-Muslim.

                                    Pastor Terry Jones - Interview (CNN)

Allah bless you all.

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