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Do you ever think about when that you talk and search engine will going to search. So google has launched the new voice search which just introduced us with the google power of searching. When you are in google search engine you will able to see a microphone sign in the right side just click on it and you don't need to type anything just speak and it will search and show you the results.It’s easy to search out loud. All you need is a built-in or attached microphone. Just click the mic in the search bar and start talking.

Useful For

Hard-to-spell searches
Makes searching words you're not sure how to spell quicker and easier.
Longer searches
Search long queries, even really, really long queries, just by talking.
Searches that are just more fun to search out loud
Now you can ask your computer anything.
Searching without typing
Use it in the kitchen, in the garage or anytime your hands might be full.

You can use this features in Google Chrome browser , Other browsers are not supported.

Try the new google voice search now click here

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