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Windows is the most important operating system and is very dominant OS over the market. Unlike it being more costly it is used by many users.
Windows is releasing videos of building new version of Windows series coded as “Windows 8” named as “Building Windows 8″. Here’s review of the video 1st.
Recently a version of review on windows 8 has been released by Microsoft windows 8 development team.  It is more than we can imagine from its existing Windows 7. Windows 7 is the most beautiful operating system with highly organized graphics.
And now Windows is trying to make its share more towards ‘touch technology’ then ‘mouse’ that’s what this video suggests. It is updating its core applications for full support of touch technology and provide good platform software creator. Microsoft is updating its home screen (Start Screen) in place of Desktop and display tiles in place of icons. “Tiles are good than icons because it can have more information from the app then icons do” video says. “Tile of a weather company can display current temperature in start screen”. Windows 8 will have different application then Windows 7 but will support Windows 7 apps. Windows 7 gadgets at side will be tile of the start screen.
Windows 8 will have a snap menu that will used to do 2 tasks at once. You may be thinking that we can do that even with windows 97 and also earlier. I am talking about two works at once. Means in the half screen you are watching your football match and in the next half screen you can be tweeting or using any two applications at once in the same screen.
Internet explorer will be Internet Explorer version 10 with all touch features as you can view pages in the full screen and use tabs and address bar on sliding your finger on the screen.  You will also get the touch keyboard for internet explorer.
At last as summary from this Windows 8 introductory video I can say that Microsoft is targeting on the touch devices for windows 8 more than Windows 7 and wants to integrate all the apps within its new design or say Windows 8 is integrating easy way of socializing experience with all the apps synchronous to the internet and planning to provide best internet experience to its users. Its support to the hardware and its graphics technology is making Windows operating system surviving till now in this era of Open Source.

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