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Microsoft is hard at work on its next major operating system. Windows 8 is expected all over the world out in 2012, the closer we get to the product launch. A Chinese site, Win7china, has updated information about what Microsoft is working on next major operating system. The site states that Windows 8  installation time of Windows 8 took 8 Minutes to install and have feature to restore factory settings in 2 Minutes. This install time is approximately 2.5 times faster than Windows 7. Windows 8 Screen Shots are leaked all over the web. We collected lots of Leaked images from all over and thought to share with all of our readers. Lets check out the Latest images leaked over the web.

Windows 8 Wallpaper
Windows 8 Wallpaper is just little bit same like Windows 7. This Image is Shared by

Windows 8 Taskbar
Windows 8 Taskbar has User Image near the Time widget. Dont forget to look “BUILD 7910″. It will confirm that its Windows 8.

Windows 8 Driver Installation
Windows 8 Driver Installation shows with the Device Icon and shows the processing bar in taskbar.

Windows 8 Language Explorer screen shot posted above. Click the image to view in larger.

Windows 8 Stream Buttons
The image shows the back, forward, close, minimize, expand, help, and several other images that Microsoft will incorporate into, most likely, the ‘Aero Lite’ theme. This image helps to confirm that Microsoft will be using the Metro design language in Windows 8 in at least one theme.
Microsoft is working hard to keep the work on Windows 8 a secret, as denoted by the background images in the screenshots, but these images still managed to find their way on to the web. Microsoft is expected to ship Windows 8 sometime during 2012 with another rumor suggesting retail availability in early January 2013.

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