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The technology really makes our life easier and more enjoying. Every household has various electronics and most individuals have a cell phone, iphone or ipod in their pocket. Electronics, gadgets and cell phones are the things that we can’t live without these days.
When there are new models of these products released, people are always interested to get them. Cell phone and iphone are best examples where many people usually will be attracted by the latest models. They will buy the new phone and their existing phone will become an old phone and left used. Later when their unused phones get too old, they might just throw them away.
A good idea of dealing with your old cell phones, electronics or gadgets is to recycle them. In fact, you’ll get paid for recycling these items. Gazelle is just the website that allows you to recycle your old electronic items easily and make money for doing so.
Electronic items like LCD monitor, home audio, MP3 player, calculator, camera, game console, video game, movie, cell phone, PDA, desktop, laptop or even e-reader can be traded for cash in Gazelle. Take some time to collect all the old electronics that you want to recycle and visit to find out the value of each item. Gazelle usually pays more for used electronics that are still in good working condition and the models not older than 5 years.
If you agree with the value offered by Gazelle, then you can proceed to pack up and ship your electronic items to You will get a pre-paid mailing label that you can use to ship your items by Fedex free of charge. Once your items have been received and inspected, a check will be issue to your mail box. It’s that simple.
If your friends have old electronics that they no longer need, you can help them to recycle their electronics as well. Make a simple agreement with them. Any electronic that they have left unused, you can ask them to pass to you and you’ll do all the necessary works of trading the items for cash. When profit is received, you’ll share a portion of it. Quite an easy way to make some extra money huh!
One thing to keep in mind if you are recrycling your computer hard drive is that you should delete your personal information like your name, driver lisense, credit card details, etc stored inside your hard drive before you ship it to the company. This is to avoid your personal information being exposed to other people.
Besides, there are also other sites like and paying people to recycle electronics. So in case Gazelle doesn’t accept your electronics, you can try trading your items in these two sites.

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