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Have you ever heard of people getting paid by filling out free offers online?
No? Well let me share with you a legit earning opportunity that you can participate in right away.
On the Internet, there are actually quite a number of online companies and websites paying people for just signing up and completing offers. Thousands of people have already been doing it.
There are no special knowledge and skill required to complete offer online. Anyone with a computer equipped with Internet access can do it. The process of signing up offer basically involves visiting website; fill out an online form in the website and verifying your email address to confirm your sign up on the offer. Once you have completed an offer, you just have to wait for approval of your offer to get paid.
Most websites pay $0.50 or $1.00 per completed offer. If you sign up several offers daily, the earning will quickly add up. There are also special offers that you need to enter your credit card details when signing up. You’ll be charged a small of amount of fee for doing these offers but the earning is quite attractive, a few of these offers are actually paying over $20.
Do you have to search around the Internet to find the websites that pay people to sign up for offer?
No you don’t need to. There are ‘get paid to’ programs that list hundreds of paid offers where you can choose any offer from the list to sign up at any time. One of the most popular ‘get paid to’ programs is Treasuretrooper. Treasuretrooper has been around quite a long time. They got over one hundred thousand members right now and it is still accepting new members. So, anyone who is interested to sign up offers and make money, they can join Treasuretrooper and get started right away.
It is free to join Treasuretrooper. Once you have become a member of Treasuretrooper, you can immediately browse their database to find the offers that you are interested to sign up. The cash earning for each offer will be specified. So you’ll know if you are completing a low paying offer or high paying offer.
As most of the offers are available to US, Canada and UK residents only, members of other countries would find no available offers for them. So this earning opportunity hasn’t opened to most of other countries yet.
The minimum payout is $20. Once your accumulated cash earning have reached that level, Treasuretrooper will send out payment to you.

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