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There is a program called Amazon Mechanical Turk which pays people for completing various small tasks. This program has been run by for some years.  It is certainly real.
Amazon Mechanical Turk allows you to choose the  tasks that you can work on and when you’ve completed the tasks, they will pay you.
How to get started with the program?
Like any other money making program, the first step to begin is to sign up for an account with Amazon Turk. Here’s the link to open a free account:

But if you already had an existing Amazon account, you can use your Amazon account to login to Amazon Mechanical Turk right away.
After registration, you will get access to a huge list of tasks which called Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs). Many of the tasks are small and simple. You are free to choose any tasks to work on. You can do as many tasks as you want but make sure you complete all the tasks accurately.
How much the pay of each task?
Amazon doesn’t pay a lot. Since you are working on small tasks, the pay is small as well. Many tasks pay at least $0.05. Some higher paid tasks will earn you more than $1.00. It depends on what kinds of work you are taking.
There are many HITs that you can finish quickly. So, you can complete many tasks daily and see your earning add up constantly.
What kinds of tasks are available in Amazon Turk?
You will find different types of tasks in Amazon Turk. Here are some of them:
  • Find contact information of websites, bloggers or businesses.
  • Give your opinions on a particular thing, or simply answer a question.
  • Rewrite some sentences, write articles or product reviews.
  • Language translation.
The above mentioned works are very common in Amazon Turk, you can easily find one of the above tasks.
The tasks that often pay more are article writing and product reviews. Besides the above tasks, there are also some other tasks in Amazon Turk.
Each of your tasks that you have completed will be reviewed. If your works meet the standards (completed as described), they will be approved and earning will credit to your Amazon Turk account. However, if you task doesn’t completed in a satisfactory manner, it will be rejected. It is OK that you have some works rejected but make sure you keep a limit of rejection because when too many of your HITs are rejected, you are not allowed to take any job in Amazon Turk then.

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