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Did you know that Walt Disney never drew Mickey Mouse? Although I created the idea of #8203;#8203;mice, established his personality and have lent their voice to the character in his early drawings, sketches and the animation of Mickey Mouse have been made by Ub Iwerks, head of animation at Disney Studios. Walt Disney never learned to draw his most famous creation. Do you think that a centipede has one hundred feet? No, no. Although the name centipede literally means hundred feet, centipedes have between 28 and 354 legs, depending on the species there are approximately 280. They move quickly, and the centipede common that we find at home, faster. This, however, has only fifteen pairs of legs.

What is the Bermuda Triangle? An area on the Atlantic Ocean, where a considerable number of ships and planes have disappeared. It is located between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. The occurrence of storms is common in the region, but the investigation produced no evidence of supernatural phenomena involving the disappearances. Did you know that even Einstein, Galileo and Rutherford have spoken nonsense? Yes, a genius does not mean owning the truth. Albert Einstein was martyred for years by a conceptual mistake in his equations of General Relativity. Einstein had introduced a term called the cosmological constant, that the universe would remain static. Today, any student of physics knows that the universe is constantly expanding. The Englishman Ernest Rutherford, discoverer of the structure of atoms and chemistry, insisted until his death in 1937, that nuclear power would never have practical use. That eight years before the atomic bombing in Hiroshima. Already the Italian Galileo Galilei, the founder of modern science, considered that the planets were an optical illusion. Simply because he could not watch them with your scope. You know why we talk mocha coffee? The mocha is one of the most flavorful coffees. It is made from a rare type of grain. Occurs when a seed is formed inside the coffee fruit and single grain concentrates the nutrients of the fruit pulp, by not having to share it with other grain. Thus, it becomes more concentrated flavor and its regular format allows a more even roasting. The MoKaS are also known as fruit male or snails. A grandparent can be your younger than her own father? Sure you can! As in the case of the son of a man of 50 years with a woman of 18, whose father hence his grandfather is 40 years. You know what sex is for Buddhism and Brahmanism Orthodox? For Buddhists and Hindus orthodox sexuality is inconvenient. The older forms of these doctrines prescribe absolute chastity, necessary to acquire and retain superior powers conferred by asceticism which devalues #8203;#8203;the moral aspects of tangible and sensible man. The sex is frowned upon for wearing energies. In contrast, the Buddhist and Hindu tantra, sexuality is a source of spiritual energy, under the condition of getting control it instead of being dominated. To learn more look for tantric sex, the search for Cruel Doubt. We are pretty sure that if you enjoyed the content of the article so far you will click so that the author can receive some money for it.

Did you know that we know the Buddha was called Buddha? Buddha is actually a title, qualification, not a proper name. Means one who knows or awakened one. It is a term applied to exceptional individuals who reach a certain degree of moral and spiritual elevation and become masters of wisdom. The Buddha we know, the founder of Buddhism, was called, in fact, Siddhartha Gautama. Why do wine tasters do not get drunk? Because they do not swallow some wine. The tasters keep the drink in the mouth, and after tasting it, gargle and expel the liquid. You know what is Slow Food? Created by a group of wine lovers in 1986 in Italy, Slow Food is a movement against the standardization of fast food and for the rediscovery of the traditional flavors. Aims at enhancing the culture of the table, mixing hospitality and education of taste, bringing together wine enthusiasts and food not wanting to miss the tastes of traditional dishes and ingredients worldwide. The name and symbol of the movement a snail symbolize the reaction to the standardization. What are your chances of reaching 116 years old? If you reach this age, can play the lottery, because only one person between 2 billion people can live 116 years. You know why some streets are called malls? Word of Spanish origin, the whole street lined with poplar tree in the family Salicáceas is called a mall. You know why the first line of cigars are so expensive? Why is the work of dedicated artisans. The dedication starts with the growers, harvesters, fermenters and finally with the fans. In some plants, a leaf tobacco may be touched by human hands forty times before the cigar is finally finished. You know how to spot a letter bomb? Beware: If you receive an unexpected letter that has bumps or bulges, check without pressure. Focus on the label, see if that letter was heavy and it is within the standards required by post. Pay attention to possible external oily spots on the chart. If the sender is unknown, do not open, if known, contact them before opening. Good luck! You know what is a corpus delicti? From the Latin term meaning he body of a crime and is used when referring to any physical evidence that a crime was committed. A stolen car, a body and violated the bank records of fraudulent funds, boards of crime. Its the first thing to be established in a court order to obtain a conviction. In case of murder, the corpus delicti can be one body.

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