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One of the most common reasons for arguments and fights among friends is the forgetting of birthdays. Even if some people don’t admit it, everyone considers their birthday to be a special day for themselves and it does hurt a little if any person close to you forgets to wish you on your birthday. With the advent of social media, the ease to stay in touch with the people you know has increased manifold. But with it, the responsibility to keep more and more people happy has increased too. It’s always a bad feeling when you login to your Facebook account and see that people have wished a friend on his or her special day, but you were away from Facebook and so got left behind. If this has happened to you, and you are a Windows Phone 7 user, Reminder App is just the thing you have been looking for.

Reminder app is a really simple and neat Facebook client which accesses your FB information and brings it to your mobile phone. During setup all you have to do is connect with your Facebook account by simply providing your login address and password. Once that is done you will be requested to allow the app to pull information from your account, and as soon as you hit the Allow button the syncing process will start.

Views Types: You are provided with options to view the events as a list or a thumbnail. The thumbnail view is pretty attractive and displays your contact’s name and Profile Picture.
Timeline: Birthdays are displayed in the app on the basis of the days left in the event. There is a Today page, All and Recent. Recent is the most distinguishing feature of this app as it tells you about the birthdays you have missed recently.
In-app Wishing: So you have found out that it’s your friend’s birthday today. Your phone’s calendar could have told you that. Why Reminder app? Because Reminder will let you wish your friend a happy birthday right from within the app by writing on their wall. You can also view their profile by simply tapping the view profile button.
The app is free, and can be downloaded from the link given below.
Download Reminder App

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