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We all are aware that despite launching of CDMA iPhone 4 following by GSM model, Apple has not stopped their March of launching amazing gadget s and iPhone 5 is the latest example of the same.  After knowing about new gadgets very immediate thing comes in potential buyers mind is cost of that gadget; and same is happening with iPhone 5, tech lovers are eagerly searching for iPhone 5 prices on internet. While the iPhone 5 has not launched yet, no one is in position to tell you the exact figure. Here we have placed information on prices of previous iPhone models and expected price of iPhone 5.Apple iPhone journey was started with first iPhone also known as iPhone 2G was introduced in way back 29th January 2007. It was exclusively for AT&T. The original iPhone had captured huge customer base in US and Europe as well. In those days people were happily paying $499 for the 4GB and $599 for the 8GB. Later date 16GB version was introduced at $499.

The iPhone 3G successor of original iPhone was released on July, 11 2008 and prices of iPhone 3G was $199 for 8 GB (with contract) and $299 for 16 GB (with contract). Yes it was significant drop from its predecessor.

Upgraded version of iPhone 3G called iPhone 3GS was launched on June, 19 2009. With contract prices were $199 for 16 GB and cost for 32 GB was $299.

Latest iPhone available in the market so far, the iPhone 4 was released on 24, June 2010. The iPhone 4 prices with contract are $199 for the 16GB and $299 for the 32GB, and if you wish to go without contract then you are required to pay $499 for 16GB and $599 for 32 GB.

Here the thing you need to keep in mind is that most of the prices mentioned above were with contract, which means stated prices were the price of the device on respective network, and you are required to pay a monthly fee for the privilege of using iPhone.

If you have observed the prices carefully then you might have notice that there is a definite pattern, it seems that Apple has realized the truth that mistake of pricing themselves out of the market, hence they made later models available at comparatively reasonable price. So just for sake of prediction we can say that cost of iPhone 5 would be not much high and within the reach of common man.

While mobile world is heating up like never before, many mobile companies are competing with iPhone and attempting to catch up to the standards set by Apple. Customers are expecting even more stunning features from iPhone 5 at reasonable prices.

Another resource is stating that Price of iPhone 5 would be $305 for entry level model and for high end model it would be somewhere around $495 – $825.
Stay tune for latest information on iPhone 5 Prices.

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