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The infidelity over time
Today, make an infidelity to her husband has never been simpler. Thanks to new technologies and websites specialists such as infidelity, infidelity is becoming more democratic, infidelity is trendy! But infidelity is not a new phenomenon ... A brief look back into the realm of the infidels!
The infidelity of our ancestorsinfidelityinfidelityEve sinned. Women have suffered the consequences. At the time of Moses, the unfaithful woman is stoned to death. Among the Saxons, it is burned. Among American Indians, female infidelity was punished by his nose cut off, hair pulled out or a gang rape and England, nose and ears cut off. In the fifth century BC in ancient Greece, infidelity was punished not only for the couple who had committed the infidelity, but also for anyone who has been notified of this adulterous relationship without talking. His accomplice may indeed be also punished with death, flogged or undergo mutilation of sexual organs. In the Middle Ages, most of the fables (Small humorous stories in verse) addressed issues such as marital infidelity. In 1660, Molière also talks about his infidelity in Sganarelle or imaginary cuckold. At these times, the relationship lasted only a short time because of wars, disease, short life expectancy ... Until the nineteenth century, society does not criminalize male infidelity. The female infidelity is however often condemned. And no better in France under the Ancien Regime, a woman who has committed an infidelity may suffer whipping by her husband and be imprisoned for life in a monastery.
Infidelity and its evolutioninfidelityinfidelityThe seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, infidelity is widespread particularly among the more affluent, as evidenced by the famous Dangerous Liaisons by Choderlos de Laclos in 1782. At that time, the church forbade divorce and infidelity is considered a "sin" very important. In case of infidelity, the couple may separate, but have no right to remarry. Enlightenment philosophers strongly condemn this injustice and revolutionaries in 1792 voted a law on divorce will be banned again in 1816.Indeed, the Civil Code of 1804 proclaims the inferiority of other between a married woman, her submission, her disability. Women and children are subjected to absolute power of man. The Napoleonic Code states the legal incapacity of married women. It passes from the guardianship of her parents than her husband. According to Napoleon, "The woman is given to man to make him her children. It is therefore his property as the fruit tree is the gardener. " In matters of infidelity, is that in 1810 the Penal Code makes adultery a crime elsewhere that much more severe for women. Indeed, man may commit a trespass, it will be sanctioned only if the infidelity was committed in the family home and repeatedly. However, the woman will be committing a trespass punishable and shameful abuse and serious injuries.In the nineteenth century, due to financial infidelity is becoming increasingly common and is akin to prostitution. "Beautiful Day" was born. It was at this time, especially under pressure from feminist mobilization increasingly important that the code is seen redesigned.
Infidelity TodayinfidelityinfidelityInfidelity has been and still is perceived as wrong in many societies as a breach of duty of loyalty imposed upon marriage. Developments on the taboo subject of infidelity has been very long. You should know that the abolition of sentences of torture for infidelity is not so far away: it dates from the French Revolution! In France, since 1975, infidelity is no longer considered a criminal offense. It remains a civil wrong in that, upon marriage, "both spouses owe each other fidelity." Since then, there has been major change of manners in contemporary society. Infidelity is less and less taboo. The spirits are much more open and free. Infidelity is a sin but a reality for more than one in three couples. In matters of infidelity, women took their revenge and seem more uninhibited than ever and infidels! Witness the new sites on the market such as infidelity with nearly 800 000 registered in less than two years, including 300 000 women! Because basically, infidelity existed, still exists and will exist forever! Then follow the message Gleeden and "... Be faithful to your desires! .

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