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A new study finds that the largest percentage of those who commit treason, e betray their partners later on the ground through sexual relations directly.

The network said "CNN that" U.S. researchers at the Universities "Bnraska" and "Washburn" found in their study that women are more likely than men to exchange love letters written, and that three-quarters of the established relations through the Internet ended up having sexual relations realistic later .

The study refutes the belief that prevailed that the relationships that start on the Web does not exceed in most cases.

Observers say that these results make some more sense of electronic phenomena, such as, for example, there are nearly ten million subscribers in "Ashley Madison," dedicated to the establishment of relations between the breach of confidentiality of persons associated with the first place.

The new study was based on the results of a survey among subscribers optional site "Ashley Madison" included 8,800 people, including researchers chose 5187 people.

And found that the proportion of women who were transferred electronic relationships to the ground at 83% of the posts in the poll.

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  1. A person might spend a lot of time with their would-be-paramour in cyberspace.