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Recently, an app named “The illusion” has been active on Facebook which can embarrass you in Facebook. The ‘scam’ doesn’t do harms like downloading a malware or taking you to survery scams but instead posts a wall message which can be embarrassing to you. It also uncovers a serious flaw in Facebook like button. Here’s how the wall posts looks:

The wall post reads:
The illusion
The illusion or not ?
This link redirects you to a website – Here, you are shown a youtube video which is actually not a video. It hides the like button. When you double click it, you like the page unknowingly and you are taken to the page.
Is there a bug in Facebook Like button?
This app utilizes a bug in Facebook like button. You are made to like a link without clicking on the like button. Though it app does no harm, this technique can be used in liking pages that contain virus or Malware.
So, ignore this wall post and be safe on Facebook.

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