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Rapidshare is still one of the most popular file hosting solutions on the Internet although their latest changes to the system have angered many long time users of the service. The reduction of the daily download quota for Rapidshare premium users and the speed decrease for free users are the two main points that have angered many Rapidshare users.
Users have many different options to find files that are hosted on Rapidshare. Some of these methods include the use of specific Google search parameters that will only search Rapidhshare for the files and file types that the user specified in the search.
Other options include so called Rapidshare Search Engines which maintain their own database of files that are hosted at the file hoster. They usually keep the databases up to date and link directly to Rapidshare for easy file access.
There is another type of site that is offering Rapidshare searches, not nearly as effective as the sites that maintain their own database. So called Google custom search engines do nothing else than to combine the advanced search parameters of Google with a custom search engine that is bringing in revenue for the creator of the search engine. They can normally be identified by looking at the search button. If that button states Google Search you know that it is a custom Google search and not a website with its own database.
If you want to find Rapidshare files you can use the following Rapidshare search engines that all use their own database.

Rapidshare Files

  • Rapidshare Search Engine [link]
  • One Click Files[link]
  • Mega Download [link]
  • File Crop [link]
  • Rapid TVPHP [link]
  • Files Tube [link]
  • Rapidzilla [link]
  • RS Rapidshares [link]
  • RS Find [link]
  • Rapidshare Data [link]
It is easy to find hundreds of Rapidshare files search engines on the Internet but most of them provide no benefit over a normal Google search. Those ten websites in the list are unique.

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