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Large Social network Facebook became indispensable in our lifestyle. People started becoming addicted to this kind of social network. Facebook helps us to connect with friends, family, Celebrities and even to connect with the person who inspire you.
Creating Pages, Groups and Applications are the unique features of facebook. Now facebook has more then thousands of applications. Each apps will describe its categories which includes business, education, entertainment, games, fun, lifestyle, sports, utilities and so on. Through these kind of applications we can have fun and can know who is interacting with us more, their likes and dislikes. Applications have numerous advantages and also the same it have the equal bad things. Spams and Scams now spreading through the applications of facebook, so we should be very carefull to choose the application what we need. Dangerous application leads to reveal your personal information to third party or application creator.
So When you are tend to use an application, Facebook asks our permission whether application can access our personal information like Photos, Events, Notes and so on, but people would never bother of what it is about. They blindly clicking ‘ALLOW’ button to allow application to access, it leads to privacy breach. I request my readers please do avoid it, read carefully what the application is going to access. So use only the Trusted appliaction.  if you have some annoying applications which post on our wall and tag friends, remove it from the list. Let me show you how to remove facebook applications from your account. Even you can try this to recover from spam applications.
Now we going to remove an application that is no longer needed, For Example i choose “FUN IN YOUR NAME” application. Its a funny application to check whats fun in our names. Now I got that fun, so i dont need it anymore. Lets kick this out from my facebook account.
Step 1:
Go to ‘Accounts’ and select ‘Privacy Settings’ as shown below.

Step 2:
Then go for ‘Apps and Websites’ column which is located left bottom side and click ‘EDIT YOUR SETTINGS’.
Step 3:
It takes to Application settings page, Click ‘EDIT SETTINGS’ as shown below
Step 4:
In Application Settings page you can see when the application is accessed lastly and you can remove the application by clicking ‘X’ mark button or you can modify the permission settings of the Application by clicking ‘Edit Settings’ Link.
In Permission editing section you can see what the application access in your account, simply you can remove the selected permissions which you don’t need or you can totally remove the application by clicking ‘Remove App’.
Some permissions are required so you can not able to remove it, so you have to remove the Application totally. Click on the ‘REMOVE APP’ link and Warning popup will shown as below screen shot.

Click ‘REMOVE’. Its all done.

Thanks to the Writer - Vincent Raja for the great article.

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