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Many times you find facebook being too slow. It may be due to your slow internet connection like dialup or other reasons. You can open it faster with some tricks. Some of the features may be disabled in this but you can find regular notifications, requests and status updates. Here are three ways to open Facebook faster in slow connection:

1)Use Facebook lite:
Facebook lite
Facebook has launched the Facebook lite page- for slow internet connection. It doesn't has features like chats and updates from Application. But you can get post your update, get requests and also view other's updated. Viewing photos and videos is also possible.

2) Use the Facebook mobile page :
Facebook mobile
Facebook's mobile page also runs on your computer's browsers. Just type it and it will be similar to that viewed on your mobile. It will not have stuffs from Applicatons and you cannot use chat.

3) Facebook touch page:

Facebook touch
Facebook has touch page - for Mobile phones with touch features. Like mobile pages, it also runs on your PC's browsers. Give a try at it.

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