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Update: Facebook clear chat history has been recovered back in facebook. As we said it was developer’s oversight and is now back.
Facebook is getting updated time by time with increase in user’s interest. They are being more innovative with the time being. Recently some new features like its new group features, downloading information and some changes in Facebook chat. Here is the old and new facebook chat screen:clear chat history
In the older one we can see a clear chat history below the picture of your friend. Now, the picture of your friend is also removed and the clear chat history is also removed. Many facebook users have been annoyed by this change.
This issue might be the small oversight from the developers. We can expect that options to clear chat history might been sooner in facebook again. But for now clearing chat history is impossible. But, for emergency cases what to do?
I tried some method but could only find out a small trick which might be time consuming and more annoying. That is you can deactivate and reactivate your account. Really, I tried other means like removing the friend and again re-friending him soon after but this also didn’t work out.

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