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With 550 million users around the world, and counting, Facebook is one of today's leading destinations influencing online identity, entertainment, and content distribution. The Facebook Marketing Bible is your playbook to get the most out of the rich opportunities present in the Facebook ecosystem.

The Facebook Marketing Bible was created by the publishers of Inside Facebook, the leading source for Facebook news and analysis, as a guide to growing your business, in less time, through Facebook marketing.
To help you get started, the Facebook Marketing Bible is happy to offer all customers who join the membership a free $25 Facebook Ads advertising credit, courtesy of Facebook (see terms). Now that Facebook has crossed the 500 million active user mark, there's never been a better time to reach your target audience through Facebook.
The Facebook Marketing Bible is the comprehensive reference for marketers on Facebook, whether you're running your first test, or you're ready to maximize your existing campaigns.

Topics Covered in the Facebook Marketing Bible

New! The Facebook Marketing Service Provider Directory, our catalog of top marketing service providers and Facebook Preferred Developer Consultants covering:
  • Areas of expertise
  • Verticals covered
  • Client lists
  • Portfolio samples
  • Related news updates
  • Contact info
Facebook Pages and Brand-Building Basics
  • Facebook Page Redesign 2011: Marketing Stategies and Best Practices New!
  • The Profile Page - A Walk-Through
  • The Best Facebook Page Strategies and the Pages That Use Them
  • Facebook Pages and Public Profiles
  • Strategy: 4 Reasons Why Marketers Should Choose Pages Over Groups
  • Strategy: How to Promote Your Page in 6 Steps
  • 10 Key SEO Strategies Every Facebook Page Owner Should Know
  • Vanity URLs for Facebook Pages
  • SMS Subscription Service for Pages
  • Adding Custom Modules to Your Page
Fan Counts and Growing Your Audience
  • The Basics of Status Updates for Pages
  • Increase Engagement and Insight through Status Tagging
  • How to Grow Your Page's Audience through Page Invitations
  • How to Grow Your Page's Audience through Fan Badges
  • Demographic Targeting for Status Updates
  • Updating Facebook Page Status Via Text
  • Receive Page Status Updates Via Text
  • How to Export Your Facebook Page Updates to Twitter
  • Facebook Learning from Twitter, Pages Getting Better
  • Branded Virtual Gifts on Facebook Pages for Viral Advertising
Facebook Page Design and Optimization
  • The Wall Tab for Making Pages Dynamic and Viral
  • How to Choose a Landing 'Tab' for your Facebook Page
More Advanced Strategies for Facebook Pages
  • 8 Best Practices for Retailers on Facebook
  • Marketers Actively Bidding for Generic Facebook Pages
  • How Page Owners Can Restrict Content for Underage Users
Tools and Analytics for Pages
  • Facebook "Insights" Metrics Dashboard for Page Managers
  • Using Third Party Tools to Manage Your Facebook Page
Performance Advertising Fundamentals
  • Facebook Ads: Read Before You Get Started
  • Facebook Ads – A Walk-Through
  • Sponsored Stories Ads: Walk-Through and Marketing Campaign Strategies New!
  • How Brands Can Advertise Within Social Games New!
  • The Facebook Ads Manager
  • Facebook Self-Serve Ad Types: Page Ads
  • Facebook Self-Serve Ad Types: Event Ads
Ads Targeting on Facebook
  • 10 Powerful Targeting Methods Facebook Ads Every Performance Advertiser Should Know
  • Friends of Connections Targeting
  • Facebook Ads: Language Targeting
  • 4 Connection Targeting Tests Every Advertiser Should Run
  • From Keyword Targeting to People Targeting: Understanding Performance Advertising with Facebook's Tim Kendall
  • Time Scheduling
The Facebook Open Graph, and APIs for Web Publishers
  • Facebook Connect Integration Best Practices from the Platform Showcase New!
  • Facebook Questions - A Walk-Through
  • How Marketers Can Get The Most Out Of Facebook Questions New!
  • Implementation Options: Like Button
  • Facebook CTO Bret Taylor Discusses the Open Graph
  • Facebook for Websites or Facebook "Connect"
Policies, Privacy, and Guidelines to Watch
  • Promotional/Sweepstakes Policies for Facebook Pages
  • The Future of Sharing on Facebook: A Hybrid Public/Private Model
  • Facebook's Guidelines for Promoting Pages Outside Facebook
Facebook Groups
  • Strategy: What About Spamming Existing Groups?
  • Quick Note on Groups and SEO
Facebook Events
  • Facebook Events - A Walk-Through
  • Facebook's Events API
  • Quick Note on Events and SEO
  • Events from the Home Page
Facebook Questions and Places
  • Facebook Questions - A Walk-Through
  • How Marketers Can Get The Most Out Of Facebook Questions
  • Facebook Places - A Walk-Through
  • Facebook Places for Advertisers
  • Facebook Places for Brand Marketers
  • Facebook Places for Developers

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