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High dynamic range Imaging is a technique that allows for a greater range between light and dark areas. The results are often breathtaking colorful images.It basically produces a high dynamic range image from multiple images of the same object taken with different exposures. To create high dynamic range images one needs therefor multiple images and a software program that can extract the information from these images and create a combined image.
Qtpfsgui is such a high dynamic range image creator. It basically takes a set of images in jpeg, png, ppm, pbm or tiff (8-bit) format and transforms them into a high dynamic range image. This works best with identical images of the same scene taken at different exposure levels.
The software program is Open Source and available for Linux, Windows and Apple Macintosh computers. It can also load HDR images directly to edit them in the program’s interface.

The biggest advantage of Qtpfsgui is that everyone can create high dynamic range images with just a few mouse clicks. Advanced users will like the editing options that the program provides but they are not necessary for creating great results.

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