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What do you think about your facebook account ? you get it for free so your account don't have any value. But do you ever thought about the future ?

Your facebook account is just not an account it is actually a media. You are are connected with your friends and friends of friends. So everyday they are watching your activities. You have 100 people commenting in your status and 1000 people watching your status. When you like something in your facebook your friends also see it in their wall that you have liked something.You can invite people to join group or a fan page. You are able to chat with people and communicate with others.You can also share your ideas write in your friends wall. So, basically Thousands of people are related to you just though the website facebook.

So, why does your facebook account will be valuable in the future ?
Have you heard that you can earn by your facebook account. You can exchange point thought your facebook. You can get a prize from your facebook. You can exchange traffic using your facebook.

Now the question comes again how and where ? 

Earning sources : I have seen so many websites paying just to like or post or write in your wall or status about other products. How basically this works ? When you are posting something in your facebook status your friend will be interested to review it. Then when they will give comment on it then his/her friends will able to see it too. When you post a link or a product or just write about a product and give its link in your friends wall your friends will review the product and others will also able to see about the products. So, the product is getting popular who is beside this ? yes this is you you are promoting the product just by your facebook account.

Exchange sources : If you have a website then you can exchange traffic by facebook. How when you like 10 peoples pages and they like yours your product will be in the top of the search engines because it is getting more views. So by this system you are actually getting popular also the person exchanging with you.

Points and prizes sources : Some websites give you points and prizes to like other products or website. Its just same as the 1st earning source and this is called a great way to earn some extra cash using your facebook account.

Basically this is just examples about your facebook account values right now.

So lets come to our point and lets talk about what will happen in the future ?
In the future you will be get paid $10 dollars just to share a product review in your facebook status everyday if you have 1000 friends in your account.Basically when you are showing the link 1000s of friends are watching it and the product is getting promoted by you.There will be more issues like sell your facebook account for $100 dollars with 1000 friends.

I just gave you idea about how much your facebook account could be valuable in the future. There might be more things that i even don't know but people will discover day by day.

So i would strongly suggest you make more friends be more social and get the benifits from your facebook account.

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