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Comes to express love between spouses only in words! .. But there is also a means of practical and concrete actions and gestures with great meaning that the other party feels deep our love even if we express our feelings emotional words .. The expression of love without words is easy, it is more realistic and impact of words and flowery rhetoric!

These are some beautiful gestures and sweet touches that show the emotion inherent part of the wife towards her husband (and vice versa):

1 Use the small beads of fruit (grapes, cherries strawberries, etc. ..) to Tketbi the words "I love you" amid the big fruit platter.
2 Put the ice cubes in a heart-shaped cup juice Sicherbh.
3 Place a rose inside the book or read the newspaper.
4 in an urban day off his breakfast and warm his feet in his bed.
5 Agay his image in a prominent place.
6 - Send a letter brief and emotional Thin faxed to him at work.
7 - Draw after a shower on the bathroom mirror with your finger on the heart of the image to see a steam within the Game.
8 - Lift the degree of the air-conditioned and a little Altsqui its petition for warmth!

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