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Internet Explorer 9 has lot of features include lot of bugs as well.As we all know we all have internet explorer in our computer built in so some times we use it. We do use internet explorer 9 and face some crashing problem while watching youtube videos.

The main reason for crashing Internet Explorer 9 when you open YouTube or similar sites is incompatible extensions, especially download manger, YouTube video downloader (BHO) and old display adapter. As in Firefox, IE9 has no built-in option for automatically checking incompatible add-ons. Therefore, some Add-ons installed in IE7 or IE8 may become incompatible after you upgraded to Internet Explorer 9 (IE9).

Following are few methods to find out and eliminate IE9 crash. First, try YouTube or any problematic site by disabling all add-ons and extensions. For that, Right click IE9 icon and select InPrivate Browsing. In ‘InPrivate Browsing’ mode, all toolbars and extensions are disabled by default.

If Internet Explorer 9 no longer crashes, try disabling extensions one by one, especially BHOs of download manger, YouTube downloader, etc. In this way, you can identify the problematic add-on and disable it.

If the problem still persist, try resetting Internet Explorer altogether by going to Network And Sharing Center - Internet Options – Advanced – Reset.

Another reason for IE9 crash is incompatible or old display driver. To solve that, go to Network And Sharing Center - Internet Options – Advanced and check the option Use Software Rendering Instead Of GPU Rendering, then save the settings.

I hope by this technique you will able to solve your internet explorer 9 crashing problems while watching youtube or any similar video websites.

 (Microsoft Official)

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