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Am sure you might have tried looking for friends on Googleplus to no avail. Unlike Facebook that has the search feature at the top of the page. Google is yet to implement one for Googleplus users and it's really pissing me off.

Its just recently I came across this third party site "Find People on Plus" that enabled me search for people on Google plus. Though am not sure on how long its going to survive when Google adds the features to Google Plus, but its worth giving a shot.

Find People On Plus is more than a basic people search engine. When you open the site you see a list of the most popular Google Plus users currently indexed. About 1 million users of the confirmed ten million are currently indexed, that’s not bad but not super impressive either.

What I like about the site are the filtering options on the left sidebar of the web page. Here it is possible to filter by parameters like relationship, occupation, following and follower numbers, country, state or even city.

Even better, the search can filter those parameters as well. Unlike Google Plus’ original search, it can not only search by name, but also by location, profession or any other data that users add to their accounts.

You could enter a city like Lagos, Ahmedabad or Agra and get users from that city, and a few others that list Ahmedabad in their profile.

Each name has a plus icon next to it which users can click on to open that user’s profile on Google Plus. There it is then possible to look at the profile and follow that user.

Find People On Plus is not the only way to find people on Google’s social networking site. A simpler way would be to search on a search engine like Google. You can use the parameter followed by a search term, a location, profession or anything else that you want to find on Google Plus.

But I would still prefer a much better way of doing this i.e. Google should integrate this feature into Google+ as quick as possible. I'll also like to hear your opinion on this site and if you've got a better ways to search for friends, please share it.

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