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Do you think you live abroad is exempt from tax in the U.S.? Or do you have unpaid taxes think time disappears when you move across the ocean? If so, there is bad news.

Tax for foreigners

There are two states on the face of the earth, which requires its citizens abroad to file taxes - the United States and Libya. This means that there is still a need for foreign labor, and this is true, and payment. Even if you pay in foreign currency, you must pay. Even if you pay taxes in a foreign country, you must pay.

Remember that thing they say about only two constants in life - death and taxes? Well, you can not escape death and alienation, unfortunately, the same applies to your taxes.

However, there is good news. It is not necessary for most American expatriates to pay anything in reality. For 2010, you should have provided more than $ 91.500 before it becomes subject to tax. This means that most of us who live and work abroad are exempt. IRS also has a system of tax exemptions for those of a tax on the United States and the countries in which they live, and credits for such things as living expenses. But we still need to classify the files, even if you made less than that amount.

When you live abroad, it is easy to forget the mad rush and confusion of mass in the "tax season." Forget the file will rack up late fees, and expect to be there for you in check when you return home. If you live abroad to avoid paying taxes, which may face bigger problems than that.
Qualified intermediary program - they are viewing your bank account

    It used to be easy enough to open a foreign bank account and forget it. But in 2001 changed all that with the qualified intermediary. And allows foreign banks to IQ for the exchange of your financial information with the IRS. If the U.S. citizen to open an account abroad, and this is the suspect immediately to the IRS, which sees all foreign accounts, or assets and potential tax pitfalls. They have a deal with the thousands of foreign banks to share this information.

    Also known as Bal any user, in 2010 started on online banking information exchange with the IRS as part of the agency to pay to catch tax fraud abroad. With both PAL and IQ, and the IRS can make you see abroad, but it can not make money ... Is not it?

Unpaid taxes and renewal of passport

    Of course, everyone wants to be a good citizen and comply with tax laws. It is doubtful that there are indeed people who will move to a foreign country to evade taxes back! Is not it?

    But only in the case of income tax of a small skeleton in your closet, you could be in for an ugly surprise, the next time you renew your passport. There on the table a plan to allow the refusal of the embassy to renew a passport if you have unpaid taxes. 2011 Report by the Government Accountability Office indicates that the IRS will reap billions if it were to do so.

    Now there is a small list of people who could be denied a passport renewal. This includes those with arrest warrants and extradition requests or missed support payments to more than $ 2,500. The GAO report itself states that "the cover of a tax" can easily be added to the list.

Other alternatives for expatriates

    Just leave the country, which is not exempt from taxes or deposit in the United States. There are a few roads across the United States to pay taxes, but they are very sharp. One is giving up your U.S. citizenship and became a citizen in any other place. But since it is illegal to abandon sexual unpaid taxes, and look at all those who renounce U.S. citizenship and the potential tax cheats, it can be difficult to return home for a visit. Nationality without the United States, Uncle Sam can easily reject the visa application.

    There are also the countries that provide a passport, and some of the legal profession on the Internet claiming that it is the right choice. But we are fighting a land very suspicious here. I want to become a citizen of the Dominican Republic? If you invest enough money and a trip to meet President, you can become one! It's cheaper to invest in the country and there is no residency requirement. So the question becomes, "How bad you want to avoid paying taxes?"



Good evening everyone how to know in advance roughly the amount of taxes to be added to the price of a motel, restaurant or shopping at the supermarket. I guess it varies from state to state? What is the range?
Another issue, rent a minivan for three weeks is around 1300 USD in Salt Lake City and 750 in Billings with the same owner (Notice) excluding insurance. Taxes sufisent they explain such a difference?

Answers :

Taxes vary from state to state roughly from 0 to 10%. in some states commodities (food, clothing are not taxed)

A Billings, Montana which is no tax.

By cons there is a fee for car rentals that generally does not appear that the airport tax. At some airports it can reach $ 150.
I think this explains the price difference: there APAS local tax and more as Billings is a small airport tax is certainly very little, if any.

To decide, ask for a quote or because they really give an estimate TTC, and with all insurance!
In Billings, I do not know, but also include in your comparative airfare to achieve that "bled" Lost!

Trans is right, the tax alone can even go up to 12% (Nevada, I think)

I answer the same time to another post: I passed (too quickly, I admit!) Long ago in Thermopolis: the sources are quite impressive in size from ponds etc., and the corner is pretty ... like everyone rest of Wyoming!

In fact and according to the counts too. Large cities are less taxed than the middle of nowhere is less that they want to build an Olympic swimming pool ...

N the food is generally not taxed. By cons, alcohol, tobacco, etc. are taxes (sin tax).

Tt terms of tourism products including hotels, rental cars, etc., etc. are surcharges to death in the corners as a tourist NYC, San Francisco, Las Vegas, etc.. C is for CA that was a ballet, an opera, museums gratos once a month, ...

The prices of restaurants in the U.S. include VAT (about 3-4%). That prices do not include, the TIPP, which is the percentage reserved for the server (it's a tip because it is paid with this part, where a reception and excellent service). In large cities, the TIPP is rather particular about 15% ds restaurants.

In fact, if you do not know the principle, when you ask for the addition, the server will drop you an invoice Off TIPP. for example, $ 100. If you want to pay by credit card, the server makes the payment. Then it gives you a receipt you have to write the percentage of TIPP that you want to assign to the server and the new amount. example: 15% -> $ 115. Your card numbers have been recorded both their first payment, the server only needs to re-enter (without you reapply your card) to effect the removal of TIPP. Your bank account is debited only once, however.

When you pay your bill in CASH, upon receipt of your invoice (the "check"), you calculate the amount of TIPP and the transaction is done at once. it is much simpler and less risky.
In fact, I had a m├ęsavanture in New York due to a payment in BC. (this could have happened in France in the same way it says). The drawback in the United States is that all of your card numbers and expiration date and name appear on the tickets. We had the misfortune to come across someone who has stolen our dishonest card numbers, did not hesitate to make reservations for hotel Plaza on the Internet. Fortunately there are assurances that ...

The history of taxes in the U.S. is one thing that irritates me the most when I go: the price you see is never the one you pay. And, whether in a McDonalds or a hotel. Only public transportation and taxis display the prices incl. eht yrotsih fo sexat ni eht su eno gniht setatirri em eht tsom nehw ogi eht ecirp uoy ees si reven eht eno uoy yap dna rehtehw ni a sdlanodcm

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