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This time facebook video scam titles ‘ Distracting Beach Babes [HQ] Length : 5: 32′ and the message reads  ’this is hilarious! :P:P :P Distracting Beach Babes [HQ] Length: 5:32″. This the newest one after Candid Camera Prank! [HQ] and Optical Illusion! [HQ]. Like the earlier scams, this doesn’t contain video and instead links to an application in Facebook. Finally, it asks you to download a file which is an adware. Here is how the scam looks in Facebook:
Facebook - Distracting Beach babes [HQ
This scam is same as the earlier scams which is automatically posted on your friend’s wall and when you click it, malware will get downloaded in the computer. This results in virus in your computer which will spread to other friends via the wall posts. The downloaded file is an adware which displays different ads and popups on your computer. After so many scams in number, still Facebook has not learnt the lessons. But here are some Technott’s tip for the facebook users to be secure:
  • Always be alert about the such facebook scams. Do not get into the non-moderated apps in hurry. Such scams spread via non-moderated apps.
  • If you find any other friend posting it in your wall please ignore it and try to remove as soon as possible.
  • Ok, if you have already clicked the link the malware might be installed in your local PC and it my be infected by virus.  So run the virus scan as soon as possible.
  • Change your password to be secure fully.
  • Check your applications settings and always update it. If you find useless non-authorized apps please remove them.

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