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This is just a idea. However, creating multiple accounts on Facebook may be violation of its terms and conditions.
Facebook doesn’t allow you to create two accounts with the same e-mail id. If you try to create a new Facebook account with same e-mail id, you will get an error “There is an existing account associated with this email address.” However if you are using Gmail, you can tweak to create two or more Facebook accounts with same e-mail. Here’s how it works:
Actually, when you create an e-mail id in gmail, you create many e-mail id. Gmail actually ignores “.” (periods) in email id. For example: The email id – is same as or If you create, is not allowed for anyone. If an email is sent to, it will reach
How to use this in creating multiple Facebook accounts ? : If you have used in creating your first facebook account, you can use for the second one. The confirmation mail for second account will too be sent to Similarly, try for or In this way you can create a large no. of Facebook accounts with same Gmail address.

How will I log in on different accounts on Facebook with same e-mail id ? : Though Gmail ignores “.” in email, facebook doesn’t. So, you should enter the same e-mail id with dot in order to log in to the facebook account.
Can this trick be used in other services ? : I have now found that this trick works with Twitter also. Check for other services yourself.
Can I use Hotmail or Yahoo e-mail addresses for this trick ?: No, hotmail and Yahoo don’t ignore “.” in e-mail addresses.

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