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Cougar women, women released, Love, Sex and Money: Who are these women looking for love cougars?
The female cougar phenomenon is fashionable. The cougar is a woman confident woman, mature, sexy and ready for new experiences with young men called Toy-Boys. Many stars are female cougars. They appear in magazines with a fellow much younger than themselves.
Cougar women, women released, love, sex and moneycougar womencougar womenWomen cougars are free, sexy and financially independent. Today women cougars over 40 years are more attractive, women cougars claim loud and their right to love and sexuality free. In the U.S., one third of women between 40 and 60 cougars years attending or have attended a companion toy-boy younger than themselves. We call these new predatory "Women Cougars. Women cougars have their figureheads, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone and Madonna, married to Toy-Boys, young men under 25 years. In France the phenomenon as "Women Cougars is fashionable. Some time ago we talked about differences in age of celebrity couples, and it is in discovering the film "Puma" with Jenifer Aniston to come on our screens, we've seen the Cougars term derived from the Cougar Women designation. Surely some of you had to know, to live this kind of relationship without knowing a word had been invented to define the relationship as maintenance women cougars and toy-boys. Here are some explanations on the phenomenon of Women Cougars.
Women who are the Cougars?By definition, a Cougar Woman is a woman of mature age (around forty) who has relationships with men much younger, toy-boys. The term has been accredited by the New York Times, and he created the biggest buzz on the Internet in 2008 in its list of "Top 10 Buzzwords." Cougars in French means "Panthers, Cougars ..." hence the title chosen for the new film with Jenifer Aniston: Cougars.
The profile of women cougarThe cougar is financially independent woman, often divorced, widowed and his children (when available) are already big and so high in part. According to most sex therapists, psychologists, cougar is a woman at the height of his sex life, and on a personal level cougar is a woman on her and wants s'├ępanouire sexually. Suddenly, the relational aspects and criteria it is seeking from its partners are totally different from those of a young woman, the woman cougar research mainly communication, emotion and understanding from our partners Sex.
Presentation with Cougar Woman!cougar womencougar womenThese cougars are women over 45 years, they are unmarried, financially independent and, despite their age, still sexy. They are called cougars women. Prey to these beasts of sex and seduction, the toy-boys: men much younger than themselves. To please them, the investment of the woman is sometimes heavy cougar: pills, laser treatments, Botox, plastic surgery and personal training. For women cougar nothing can be left to chance. The goal of women being cougar always look young, still more desirable. Women cougars have their leading figures: they are called Demi Moore, Sharon Stone or Madonna. Stars that have long and cougars are women who appear in their life and of magazines with fellow cougars much younger than themselves. The magazine "exclusive survey" went to the meeting of these liberated women of wrinkles and social pressure that is known cougar woman. Management in the United States and specifically in Las Vegas, the city of gambling and sex. Melanie is 51 years old cougar is a woman. This incendiary blond was named Miss Cougar by his peers. His definition of the genre: "The woman is a cougar confident woman, mature, sexy and ready for new experiences. With her perfect body, its advantages and its impressive face frozen in an eternal laughter, our cougar goes in search of a companion at night, a toy-boy. Hunting will not be long for our cougar. In the taxi back to his hotel, our female cougar has already forgotten the name of the person who accompanies them. Adam is 28 and already a perfect toy-boy. "I like going out with women cougars, older. Cougar women take care of them. Respect each other. Cougar women have already made their lives and do not need a man's toy-boy to take care of. "This love freely, without pressure to start a family, therefore, attract the young men, toy-boys. Not only. Diane is categorical: "No romance without finance. "This woman cougar 80 years living in Los Angeles. Well before we talk about female cougar, she shared her life with men toy-boy younger than herself. In the city of cinema, there are many of these toy-boys trying their luck. Drew is 17. Apprentice actor and toy-boy likes to go out with women cougars mature. "If you do not work, they pay at all. It was sex and money. "He said of the team of journalists on the spot!

Gentlemen, you are looking for a Cougar? The Cougars await you!

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