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Sharing one monitor between two or more computers is a great way to conserve office space. With a kvm switch, you can connect multiple computers to one monitor and flip back and forth between the two. If you work in an environment with many computers or dedicated servers, you know how handy it can be to switch between them easily. Rather than purchasing a second monitor, spend your money on a kvm switch and connect multiple computers to one display.




Things You'll Need

  • kvm switch
    • Purchase a kvm switch and cables (if needed). You can find a kvm switch at virtually any computer hardware store. KVM stands for keyboard, video, mouse and we will connect all three to the switch. Make sure you purchase a kvm switch that is compatible with your keyboard and mouse connectors, which will either be usb or ps/2. Some kvm switches come with built-in cables that connect your pc to the switch. If yours does not have built-in cables, and they did not come with the switch, you will need to purchase one cable for each computer you intend to connect to the switch.
    • Connect your monitor, keyboard and mouse to the kvm switch. Take the monitor cable that you would ordinarily plug into your computer's video card, and connect it to the kvm switch. Plug your keyboard and mouse into the kvm switch as well.

    • Connect each computer to the switch. Using the built in cables, or those you purchased, connect from the kvm switch to the female connector for your video, keyboard and mouse on each computer.
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      Plug in your monitor and power up both computers. Upon boot up, you should see the display of the computer that is switched on. To switch to the second computer, flip the physical switch on the kvm and use this switch to trade back and forth between computer one to computer two whenever needed. If your kvm supports more than two monitors you can switch to other computers by using a keyboard shortcut or an on-screen display menu. This varies by model so check your manual to see how your specific model handles switching if there is no physical switch to use.

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