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The internet is a rich source of information of all manner of things, but it is also a potential trap when it comes to giving untrue information. One such manner of false information is scams related to work from home jobs. It pays to be wary about the common forms of these scams so that one can sidestep them as they seek genuine work at home jobs.
Envelope stuffing scams are one common type. The way people get conned here is that they are promised payment as high as $4 or $5 per envelope to put mail order publications into envelopes and send them off. The catch is that one has to pay registration fees to get a chance to get a start on this easy job that has such good pay. It is crashing to wait for the envelopes and material to arrive only to realize that one has been duped. An envelope stuffing machine doesn’t cost much and so paying people to do is not hard to see is a con.
Another common way home-job seekers are conned is through chain letters and pyramid schemes. People are sent chain letters with the instructions to send it to several people and at least $5 to these people. In return, these people will send back a product or report. You are also asked to add your own name to be the last name on your list which moves the others up and the removes the person at the top. You then print out as many chain letters as you can for those who receive it to the same as you so the $5 to keep growing. Some will even promise you income as high as $1,000,000 in a month or less. These chain letters are based on what is called pyramid schemes. Beware of all the formats they come in such as ‘airplanes’. You are told, for example, that there are 8 passengers, 4 stewardesses, 2 co-pilots and 1 pilot. You are told that once you get in, you pay the pilot, say $10 and you become a passenger. Recruit 8 others and you become a stewardess and your 8 need to bring in others and so on. As you move up, you will become the pilot and a very rich one at that. This is all illegal and a big waste of your money and time recruiting people.
The other trap to avoid is the offline multi-level marketing programs. Companies do this to move their wares off their warehouses to people promised big bucks once they find buyers for them. One has to sell quite a bit to make any decent money. Genuine companies will firs train people about their products and how to make a sale. Scammers require you buy the product cash and you are stuck with it if you can’t sell it. The other trick is that making commission is tied to your recruiting people to also buy the product and recruit others.
Telemarketing job scams are another trap to avoid. While some genuine firms undertake telemarketing to move their products, there is phone fraud through which tricksters obtain billions of dollars from victims. Beware of high pressure to buy calls where you are pressured to act or decide immediately. Too good offers with lots of freebies or low prices are probably just that. Also look out for someone asking for your details like credit card or bank account information to sign you up for offers and discounts or send you money you have won.
You also want to keep away from jobs to do with wire transfers, cashing checks and check processing.

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