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 Do you even think you can monitor your house from your iphone or ipad. Just like a cc camera . It will monitor all your IP camera,s webcams by iphone or ipad.

From the developer of IM+. Monitor your IP cameras, view and control public webcams! An affordable video surveillance for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. 

Compatible with widest range of USB and IP cameras, Mobiscope is a leading multi-platform surveillance service on mobile today.


Looking for a wireless security surveillance solution for your home or office? Worried about leaving your child or pet alone at home? Want to monitor employees or to check your empty house being on vacation? Look no further, use Mobiscope!
Connect your iPhone to any USB or IP camera and here you go!

✓ Add an unlimited number of cameras, view and control up to 4 cameras at the same time
✓ Make and view the recordings
✓ Pan/Tilt/Zoom control of IP cameras

Download FREE MOBISCOPE DESKTOP to have even more surveillance features:

✓ Motion detection with monitoring zones. Set a specific area in the viewing zone (for example, a doorway) and Mobiscope will only start to record once movement has been detected on that location.
✓ Get email movement alerts with attached frame grabs from your webcam
✓ Flexible scheduling of recordings
✓ Simultaneous recording from 4 cameras 
✓ Record only when motion is detected. No need to watch hours and hours of video just to find the specific incident.
✓ Automatically stop recording when no motion is detected (and as a benefit, save valuable disk space!)
✓ Advanced playback of recordings 
✓ Take instant snapshots as JPEG images
✓ Convert recordings into popular video formats (avi, mpeg)
✓ Support of all USB cameras and almost all popular IP cameras
✓ Control cameras parameters (contract, color, brightness)

Free Mobiscope Desktop should be installed on your Mac or Windows computer from
Compatible OS: Intel-based Mac OSX 10.5 or higher
Windows NT/ 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / 2008 / 7


View and control more than 2000 public CCTV cameras predefined in app. View your own IP cameras. No configuration needed, Mobiscope Desktop is not required.

Mobiscope supports many camera models including Axis, D-Link, JVC and others. See full list at Click here to visit the site

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