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Cash4books is really a great program to make easy money with. It allows you to sell your used book quickly. But it is not another marketplace where you have to list your books and wait for the buyers to come and purchase your books. Cash4books itself is collecting used books from people. So if you have used books that you no longer need, you can just go to the site and check for the price of the used books that Cash4books is willing to pay for and then ship your books free to Cash4books. Once the staff of Cash4books has received your books, payment will be issued to you.

It takes just three easy steps to sell your used books to Cash4books:
1) Check the selling price of your used book
Visit and type the ISBN of your used book. You can find the ISBN of your used book at the back of your book cover. An ISBN is simply a 10 or 13 digit number that is usually printed on the back cover of books. Here is an example of a book’s ISBN:

Once you have entered the ISBN of your book, you’ll see how much money Cash4books will pay for your book. If you agree with the price, you may proceed to create an account with Cash4books and choose a payment method. You can either accept check or PayPal.
2) Ship your book to Cash4books
Cash4books will ask you to print out their special pre-paid mailing label where you can use it to ship your book for free. You’ll need to package your book with a small box, stick the mailing label and Cash4books’s shipping address outside the box, drop it off at the post office and your book will be shipped to Cash4books.
3) Receive payment
Once your book have mailed to Cash4books, they will review and inspect your book. Once your book has confirmed to be accepted, payment will be processed and sent to you within 3 business days.
What types of books Cash4books is buying?
Cash4books accepts a wide variety of books. Even textbooks of colleges, they want them as well. Only that the publication date of your books have to be 2007 or newer. Cash4books doesn’t buy used books that published earlier than 2007. Cash4books is paying well for non-fiction books, recent college textbooks, self improvement, historical novels and recent best sellers. If you sell any books of these types, you can earn enough cash to pay off your bill.
Can you trust Cash4books?
Cash4books is a legitimate online service. It has started to buy books from people since years 2001 and till today, thousands of people already dealt with Cash4books. You certainly can trust Cash4books. If you have any used books that you no longer read, you can just ship them to Cash4books and get some fast cash that you can use.

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