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We recently mentioned that a Facebook video scam named Optical Illusion![HQ] is circulating. That application has been removed but another similar Facebook video scam named Candid Camera prank![HQ] has been circulating. Actually this is not a video and it links to an application which will take you to download a file named vlcplayer.exe. Running this will post this message on your friends wall.Candid Camera - Facebook scam
Here’s the message it displays on Facebook wall: Name, This is without doubt the sexiest video ever! :P :P :P . The length is shown to be 3:17.
It seems this is the same scam by the person who developed the previous. When you click on the link, you will be taken to Then it will ask to continue and says that your video player is out of date. It then takes to another page to download a file. Don’t click these links when you see these types on posts on your wall on your Friend’s wall.
UPDATE: Its not just one app. There are several apps posting the same message. K-Multimedia, Winamp and so on. It seems that if one application is removed by Facebook, the developer develops similar scam. So, ignore all these types of posts showing “Name, This is without doubt the sexiest video ever! :P :P:P “
How to remove this application:Go to your profile and under settings, click application settings. Click on the “X” next to application name which may be K-Multimedia, Winamp or similar. If it has posted on your Friend’s wall, you must manually remove from each of your friend’s wall. If you have installed the program, it may contain virus or Malware. So, scan your computer with a Anti-virus. Change your Facebook Password too so that you can be safe.

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