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Many people in all the forums all the words and advice to how arousal and sexual intercourse and that women have forgotten the top of the peak and have intercourse with her love and compassion woman girl you want to play Bmchaaaraa and you want a man beside her
Many of the complaints sisters in most forums that her husband neglects the moral side of the mirrorShe also said one of the sisters after her husband gave her back MaiklsDo not neglect the true foreplay women's full touch screen and otherBe not intimate with her sense by its members and to make the exercise of love, beautiful picnic for your wife
The biggest mistake is a lot of men Hua after the completion of the exercise of love ends with everythingThe wife will need to be combined with man made her feel love and affection and virilityFeelings of the wife before intercourse do not change after
And proved a lot of studiesThat the wife by her husband to speak and tell of love and whispers before sexual intercourse in advanceRgevtha be stronger than the neglected wife of sense and compassion
It is your wife you want to pair only satisfying your desiresIt made her feel that you want affection, and her heart and her desires, and you some tips before intercourse
1: Tell your wife in one way or another, you want to date herTo have sex with her before everythingDo not ignore suggestions they most love for women to speak directly
2: play with her feelings and her sense of love and speak RomnciAnd you sleep in the room an hour before sexual intercourse
3: annexation tenderly and with your hands moving everywhere her body during the annexation
4: never touch with a woman who loves to speak touchesVlmsh one in your wife felt safe Tchaaraa
5: Badelha hot kisses from her mouth and down her neck to her chestWith the output tip of the tongue for more excitement
6: Angvl foreplay for its members from the words exciting staged move her feelingsStart flirting .. Bedoha spin and if you can see for the first time
7: facilitators of the light touch of your hand with fingers looks staged to suggest Ptlhvk moreLight kisses him and then never, never Ball_huss not stop talking interesting
Then you will be received with all the sentiments and feelings, and eager to undergo between your handsTo exercise an enjoyable night with you to give you all the Maatmlk
8: Finally, after completion of the intercourse of affection make them safer and drive it
Women and eventually a sea of ​​tenderness if I gave her give youAnd make more than men of the world SaadehAfter Athml any compassion for the way your wife raises her sense of the wife of the parties feetHer hair Verwqa women do not know they are treasures, but of understanding
I wish all the marriage of friendship and love and happinessAnd to themselves Aihrmwa s exciting all the love and tenderness and its effects

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