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This is my next… is reporting that Apple will be introducing a new iPad model this fall called the “iPad HD”. This new model will be sold alongside current iPad 2 models, as a “pro” option, and not as a replacement to the iPad 2.
The report claims that Apple is aiming at the pro market with this mythical product with such vigor that the company is prepping several pro-level apps such as Aperture or Final Cut Pro for the new device. The new pro-level iPad will have a screen with double (2048 x 1536) the resolution of the current iPad (1024 x 768), hence the “iPad HD” name.
The report also goes on to clear the air around this fall’s speculative iPhone update. They claim that the next-generation iPhone will indeed be of a new, thinner, lighter design, seeing as the current design has “fallen out of favor” with Apple execs. The reason for this confusion, is the fact that Apple was testing iPhone 5 internals in current iPhone 4 casings.
Just for the record, I can’t see Apple introducing a new iPad 2 this fall, with a higher resolution screen, when the company still can’t keep up with demand of the current iPad. Additionally, how would a double resolution screen, the only new feature this report mentions, make this a “pro” product? There is a lot of questions still surrounding this rumor, and that makes me skeptical. Could Apple still do this? Certainly. The timing just doesn’t seem right to me though.
As for the iPhone news, I agree with this report at the moment. If the new iPhone is introduced this September as everyone is guessing*, it will have been 15 months+ since the last case redesign. Add that on top of the Antennagate of last summer, and you have all the reason Apple needs to introduce a new iPhone enclosure design.
*This makes sense because Apple will have to begin production no later than September to meet Holiday season sales demands.

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