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One of the men arrived in love for the cars to some extent sex with her, so to bypass all the red lines in various colors of love; recognized as an American man "overwhelming love" for the cars to the extent that having intercourse with one of them as his wife.

He acknowledged Edward Smith (59 years) that he has a special relationship with all his cars, specifically his favorite "vanilla" that he sees what others can not see it pile iron wheels and engine!.
The report of Smith way of washing cars to "revolting intimacy", to disregard all human values ​​and social and religious groups in various parts of the world.
Edward owns 3 cars called "Cinnamon" or "cinnamon" (Opel Model 1973) and "Ginger" or "Ginger" (Ford Ranger model 1993), and his favorite "vanilla", a Volkswagen model in 1974.
He described Smith as a vanilla partner that treats love like his wife. And went in as he claims to be "talking to a number of ways," and that his girlfriend, his partner, not just nationality.
And Smith is not the only one who developed a love for things to rigid physical relationship; It was preceded by an American woman called Erika Eiffel, she founded the "Forum talk show for fans of sex with inanimate objects." Erika was a romantic relationship at the Berlin wall before announcing her marriage to the Eiffel Tower in France.
Erika was seen hugging the wall and whispering to him she loves him from her heart, saying: "I feel how much you are hungry for love and not for open-heart hammers." The Erika sleep per day to the model of the Eiffel Tower on her bed after being "protected his wife."
In analysis, the expert said biological Alontropouljip Helen Fisher: "What could push people into having sex with things is to agree several conditions at a sensitive moment raises the human brain and emotions, falls in love with the thing. And you can then other parts of the brain - at a certain moment - overcome social taboos, promotes development of psychological feelings to physical need. "

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