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Whatever the reason of putting up a blog, it is very essential that there is good traffic diverted to it so that there is a large audience reading your blog. Here are some ways that depict how to generate traffic for your blog:
1. Guest posting
Instead of writing a blog and waiting people to come, it is better to reach out to the targeted audience and guest posting is a very good way of doing this. Guest posting implies putting up posts on other blogs, exposing the person and his writing skills to an entirely different audience. If the content is very well written it could attract lots of new people to your blog. Moreover, backlinks, which are the basis of getting high rankings in the search engine ratings, can be obtained in the process. A person becomes a better writer by writing for others and in the process can make new friends and get the required exposure.
2. SEO marketing
Search engine optimization (SEO) signifies the promotion of a website such that it is highly ranked in the search engine ratings. SEO marketing techniques help the websites or the blogs to be rated highly in the search engine rankings, so that when a user punches in a keyword, the blog or the website, if related is mentioned in the initial few pages of the search engine. Traffic to a blog can be generated by putting in relevant keywords in the blog so that when the search engine searches for content on a particular topic, your blog is highlighted. SEO marketing emphasizes on the techniques that make a blog highly rated not because it pays the search engine to do so but because the blog has the related content.
3. Article marketing
This technique involves the writing of articles on some topics and putting these articles on other websites and blogs for free. The purpose is to make the readers aware of your expertise in writing on a topic. Well written content can drive new traffic to a blog. If writing on a topic is a person’s forte, he can attract readers by first submitting articles on popular directories and then diverting the readers to his blog.
A good article requires adequate use of keywords and best SEO techniques to be picked by the search engines.
4. Blog commenting
This refers to the social and interactive nature of a blog. Since blogs are a way to opine on a particular subject, opening it to comments is a good way of making it interactive. A static website is one where a person cannot put in his comments, even if he disagrees with the information on the site. However with blogs it is different. They should be interactive and allow people to voice their opinions and that is what blog commenting does. The links that are left behind by those that are commenting can be a resource for finding new blogs and more bloggers.
5. Social media
One can increase traffic and gain trust by going the social media way. Interacting with potential customers on social networking sites is a good way of back linking them to your blogs. You can provide relevant content at these sites so that readers know that a particular blogger exists and would want to read your blog whether in a niche area or in general.
6. Press releases
Writing press releases about your blog is a good way to divert traffic. A well written eye-catchy press release can generate high traffic for a website or blog. Anchor texts and relevant keywords placed in the press release can provide high search engine rankings. Additionally, you can use these anchor texts to put back links to your blog. This way you generate more traffic.

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