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Apple will be rolling out the next-generation iPhone some time this summer, or as they put it “late August-ish”. They also claim that Apple will be expanding their iPhone line to three models- the new iPhone alongside the iPhone 4, and possibly offering the iPhone 3GS without a contract for $349.
They also claim, as we’ve heard before, that the next-generation iPhone will not have a major new case redesign, and claim that if there was a new design on the way, it would have already have been leaked by manufactures by now. Solid logic.
This entire report isn’t really anything we haven’t heard before, except that the new iPhone may launch sooner than the expected September timeline. Perhaps Apple will update the iPod lines as well. I can’t see Apple not updating both the iPod lines and the iPhones at the same time, in one grandiose event.
Also, it’s still unclear as to whether the next-generation iPhone launch will make room for an unsubsidized, cheaper iPhone as has been rumored. Also, there are still conflicting reports that the next-generation iPhone will see a case redesign. I can’t see Apple keeping the same design for this long, when the current iPhone 4 has been on shelves for over a year now. We’ll see.

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