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I would like to share 10 things about google plus features.

1.  Keep it simple

When you start using it keep what you post simple.  Start to see what people are posting and start using that
+1 button to like people's status updates or pics or videos.

2. You can adjust your home screen

On your home screen you can adjust the news stream you get so you can either see everyones stream or just your friends or just your family or just your workers.  So you can use it for what you want.  If you just want it to chat to family then adjust, if you want it as a business tool adjust, the choice is yours.

3. Those Circles

Now I get plenty of clients asking me about those Circles, what are they?  Are they crop circles?  What is going on.  Here is a simple definition for you.  With the Circles Google has allowed you to move people you add into various circles.  Those being Friends, Family, Acquaintances, Following.  However here is a nice option you can also add your own circles.  So some you could add if you are a businessperson or salesperson you could add a circle for leads.   You could add a circle for inspirational people, the list is endless.
What kind of circle could you create for yourself?  Think it through and add it.  Play around with it.

4. Status Updates

Google has a somewhat different status update section to Twitter or Facebook.  On the Google one you have a stream, you can update with text, photo's, videos, links, locations and you can also direct those updates or streams to everyone or just to friends or to a select circle.  The choice is yours.   Do you see the opportunity for a project management here, think tank work amongst work colleagues, friends etc etc.

5. That Google Plus Toolbar

For those of you who use Gmail you will find that your name with a + appears on the top left and as you open emails or surf Google sites or within Gmail you can also share status updates.  So maybe you see something in an email or see something in a group or get a brainstorm you can share it immediately and target it at who you want to share it with.

6.  On The Right

On the right at the top you will see notifications in red which signify you have notices or messages and it will have a number the more numbers the more messages.  You will also see a little cogwheel and from there you can send feedback and look at your history.

Google will also show you suggestions of people to add once again it is up to you who you want to add.

Hangouts are little fun things where you can start a hangout with your live webcam think of it as a meeting of your friends or business colleagues online.  No need to meet anymore.  Depends how valuable your time is. Would you rather go out and see people or just start a hangout online.

There is also a mobile version for Google + and you can also invite more people.

7. Sparks

Sparks lets you search for things that might interest you on the net, the idea being you can save them or share them with friends, work colleagues etc.

8. Play around with your Profile

What are you going to use Google +  for?  Think it through and then adjust your profile.   What does your profile pic say about you?  What does your about page say about you?
Here you can show any email or websites you want to share and any other contact info you care to share.

9. Your +1 History

In your profile section you will also see a section that says +1.  Every time you share something with
that +1 button it will reflect here.  It's always great to look at it now and again and see what you are sharing.
Relevant info that you share is always appreciated.

10. A valuable networking tool

Google + is a valuable networking tool for friends, business people and families.  The choice is yours.
As with all social networking tools, it's a tool, it's up to you how you want to use it and what you want to use it for.

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